Kevin Driscoll is innocent

Later tonight on AVFM News and Activism, Robert O’Hara and James Huff will welcome Kevin Driscoll, a man who in 2009 became a cause célèbre for the men’s human rights movement after being falsely accused of a sexual assault and subsequently persecuted the state legal apparatus. In honor of Mr. Driscoll we reprint an Angry Harry piece from before his trial.

The other beauty myth

In 1991 Naomi Wolf wrote The Beauty Myth where she claimed that women are oppressed by patriarchal pressure to be beautiful. What she failed to tell us is where the beauty-mandate originated, or how it is used to gain and maintain power over men. Peter Wright fills in some of the gaps left by Wolf’s victim narrative.

Coming soon: feminist porn

Boys are watching too much smutty porn on the internet, resulting in sexist attitudes toward women and putting themselves in danger of going blind, or so thinks Nikki Gemmell from Australia. She says the solution to is to create a new genre of respectful “feminist porn” for the masses.