Amy Geliebter, typical cowardly censorship-loving feminist thug

Another feminist is at it again, using the fascist tactic of censorship because someone dared question her ideology or criticize her point of view.

SkepTorr recently became another in a long line of victims of fascist feminist censorship, this time usng phony DMCA (copyright) claims on YouTube.

SkepTorr fortunately is doing the smart thing and disputing this bogus claim. While we wait for YouTube to hopefully do the right thing and issue the thuggish Amy Geliebter a strike for abusing the system, we now present to you the video she didn’t want you to see:

Her claim of copyright violation is completely without merit legally or ethically. Her no doubt soon to follow BS claim of “harassment” will also be without merit, when clearly the only “harasser” here is Amy Geliebter.

But guess what Amy? By filing your abusive phony DMCA claim, you just made yourself more famous–as a flaming jerk and an intellectual bully and coward. And if you write to us and try to make claims of copyright or “harassment,” we will be happy to explain why your claim is not only without merit, but why it also makes you a flaming jackass.

Tip: you might want to Google “Streisand Effect” for future reference.

Amy Geliebter is not the first feminist to use this bogus censorship tactic, on YouTube or elsewhere. Phony legal claims, ploys of “damsel in distress,” phony claims of stalking or harassment, and generally crying like a whiny little bitch are all typical feminist tactics we know very well. But we’re going to do our best to see that it stops here, because in the future when we see this thuggish behavior we’re going to do the same thing: when feminists censor people, we will do our best to alert the world as to what they’re doing and show you the material they don’t want you to see.

Feminism is a hate movement, and Amy Geliebter just helps prove it.

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