Peter Wright

The Wisdom of Odysseus

The Ancient Greek story The Odyssey describes a man attempting to go his own way while enduring temptation by the Sirens, those femme fatales who pull men away from their chosen paths and into inevitable destruction. Our hero Odysseus shows that with awareness and skill, we can sail right past the temptresses and on to our chosen destination.

An attack on bachelors – and their reply

In the 1890’s feminists came up with the idea of imposing financial, occupational and social penalties on America’s bachelors as a way of pressuring them to marry. The bachelors however had a different idea, and went about setting up the first Men’s Rights group with one overriding message for feminists: get the fuck out of men’s lives and stop telling them what to do.

The other beauty myth

In 1991 Naomi Wolf wrote The Beauty Myth where she claimed that women are oppressed by patriarchal pressure to be beautiful. What she failed to tell us is where the beauty-mandate originated, or how it is used to gain and maintain power over men. Peter Wright fills in some of the gaps left by Wolf’s victim narrative.

The spirit of chivalry (1818)

Traditionalists and feminists share a common dream of entitled women; traditionalists maintain conventional entitlements for women, while feminists work to extend the range of those entitlements. In 1818 Sir Walter Scott detailed how chivalry is the force that makes all this possible.