Peter Wright

Timeline of gynocentric culture

That we live in a gynocentric culture is not rationally disputable to anyone who looks around with open eyes. Many thinkers believe this elevation of women, and the rampant male disposability that goes with it, has been central to the human race for millions of years. But does history bear that interpretation up?

Sex and attachment

Why do we fall in love? Our analysis of the issues surrounding Men Going Their Own Way continues with Peter Wright’s overview into the nature of attachment and why humans are so fond of each other. The science about attachment that he reveals may surprise you and this historical context of just why we believe what we believe about men’s sexuality will definitely enlighten.

A voice for men: MGTOW-central

A Man Going His Own Way, Peter Wright has been in the men’s movement for over 20 years. More than just a political movement, the men’s movent is about men discovering the value of self-determination and individualism: celebrating it and encouraging it to change the cultural zeitgeist. And Peter’s got a bone to pick with certain attitudes that have emerged within the movement.

Love and Friendship

Scholar and Man Going His Own Way Peter Wright has a look at people’s ideas about love and marriage throughout history, and concludes that much of what we today call “romance” is a historical aberration starting in the middle ages with the concept of courtly love and the image of white knights on bended knee, begging for a token from their Lady.