Dan Perrins


In Jamaica, you can go to jail for being a gay male, but not for being a lesbian. It is time to quit rewarding this country with tourist dollars that they will use to persecute men for not being of utility to women. Had enough of this shit?

Radfem wretches in Toronto

Dan “DannyBoy” Perrins is deeply disappointed. He had plans to do more of his boots-on-the-ground video coverage and exposure of crypto-fascist hate groups like the RadFem conference leaders and attenders. Sadly, he has learned that they cancelled their event. We think they’ll probably find a way to blame us rather than the fact that they’re a bunch of professional hatemongers.

University of Toronto Stu-dunces Union At it Again.

Dan Perrins gives a review of the recent Canadian Federation of Student’s decision to block the formation of men’s issues awareness groups on college campuses in Canada. And their declaration that Men’s Human Rights Activists “endorse misogyny, sexist, cissexist, heterosexist, and homophobic cis-male-privilege in society.”

In the trenches with Suzanne

Activism takes many forms: helping get corrupt prosecutors disbarred. Calling incompetent judges to task. Lobbying state legislatures and Governors. Helping get innocent men out of jail. Or sometimes it’s noticing a single call for help, and giving a shit when a man looks like he needs help.