CAFE to open Centre For Men and Families

On Wednesday June 12, 2013 the Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) held an event at the Screen Lounge.
This event was different from all the other CAFE events in that it was held off campus and it involves a fund drive to open a centre for men and their families, the first of its kind in Toronto if not Ontario.
I fully endorse CAFE’s efforts to open the Centre For Men and Families and would ask for those of you who can make a donation to do so. Help ensure men and their families have this resource(s) available to them in Toronto.
Here are the goals for the Canadian Centre for Men and Families:
The CCMF will distinguish itself in three critical ways:
1. The CCMF will be dedicated to boys’ and men’s issues on their own terms and not approached through a particular ideological lens.
2. The CCMF will focus on the breadth of boys’ and men’s issues, including:
-The “Boys’ Crisis” (education, bullying, suicide) – Creating a new sense of purpose for our sons
-Workplace Issues (e.g. workplace safety)
-Educational and other resources to improve the mental and physical health of boys and men
-Family Law and Fathers Issues
-Empowering boys and men with communication skills rather than violence
-Crime and Punishment/Legal Issues
-Media, Social and Cultural Misandry
-Academic Misandry (e.g. in Gender Studies and Culture Studies programs)
3. The CCMF will work on these issues in depth by engaging in a wide variety of actions and activities all with a Canadian outlook and focus, including:
-Large public educational events and conferences
-Evidence-based research, policy writing, and engagement with the press
-Multimedia, such as blogs, social media, and the broadcast of podcasts and videos
-Social service provision
-campus outreach to a growing network of university student groups
-lending library
-political action: meetings with politicians, protests, rallies
The donation link is here.
Videos from the event:

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