University of Toronto Stu-dunces Union At it Again.

The Canadian Federation of Students held their annual meeting in Ottawa three weeks ago. Its a 4 day annual event and this year ran from May 30 – June 2, 2013 .
No matter how much I want to make a trip to that ‘show’ and ensure that feminist inspired censorship does not ensue, it just ain’t going to happen. The best I can do is to report on it and attend events in my own community. (I attended the Slutwalk in Hamilton; bringing a bit of perspective to all the sluts.)
Those are the facts of the case. Now lets move onto the U of T Grad Student’s lies, I mean assertions.
No I was right the first time, lies.
Their motion with the designated title of Motion 2013/05:N16 at first glance, like most feminist inspired writing of policies, laws, and legislation looks innocuous enough. But do not let the title of the motion fool you. If you are a student and male it is poison.
In fact if you are a human who enjoys pure uncensored free speech and the freedom to explore the discussing of ideas it is absolute intellectual cyanide mixed with the feel good veneer of feminism.
So lets reproduce that piece of feminist inspired fascism.
Toronto S Union.
First I agree there is an increase of men’s issues awareness groups, the reason U of T Grad Union;  males have serious issues they face starting from birth and ending with death. Sometimes that death comes tragically early at their own hands.
With their next statement they come right out and lie about men’s rights activists providing environments for misogyny.
Do we attract males who have been hurt and abused by a corrupt misandric society?
I’d have to agree we sometimes do have a disturbed individual or two come by and try to join but they are  ousted from our ranks and urged to seek the medical help they desperately need. This is NOT accomplished by feminists, or feminist dogma but by the moral and ethical people within the Men’s Human Rights Activists ranks.
I do have an observation though, well a point of contention. If the MHRM can attract individuals who engage in sexism and misogyny then is it not equally possible that women’s campus groups attract people who encourage sexism against males, and, wait for it, misandry?
Its a fact misandrists just like misogynists exist.
All one need do is look at some of the articles here on A Voice For Men for the proof. This one article in particular, but don’t stop at that single article for there are many more dear reader.
Remember feminist groups you claim that women are equal to men, and therefore are equally capable of the evil you claim only men do.
Or is that only true when feminism isn’t being scrutinized for its actions and positions. At which time feminism falls back on ‘we are poor oppressed victims’ of a one sided, shallow, definition of the alleged patriarchy.
The Toronto Students Union next claims are that we, the MHRM, ‘promote misogyny’, ‘hateful views towards women’, and ‘ideologies that promote equality’, ‘challenges women’s bodily autonomy’,’ justifies sexual assault.’ (Note we are not alleged to enjoy kitten sammiches something they forgot to add in their list of lies.)
Now I vehemently disagree with all that is claimed in that clause from the Toronto Students Union. We do not promote misogyny but do promote true equality, where an individual is held to the same standard regardless if they are male or female. We are not hateful towards women and welcome those women who see feminism for its true nature, a violence endorsing dogma. Their claim feminism is an ideology that fosters equality is laughable at best for any who have seen the actions taken by the feminists and their male enforcers at the recent CAFE events.  I am a loss as to where the claim we challenge women’s bodily autonomy comes from. Most likely they are confused due to the fact that we advocate for men’s bodily autonomy and you know if a man said it, the subject matter must be against women. The MHRM also doesn’t justify sexual assault, we do however stipulate that the burden of proof in sexual assault cases stay at beyond a reasonable doubt and not on a balance of probabilities just like any other crime feminists.
And in the next clause from their politician like lying mouths are as follows:

we[MRAs] endorse misogyny, sexist, cissexist, heterosexist, and homophobic cis-male-privilege in society.

Good grief cis is getting monotonous, but for all their claims they have as yet to produce a shred of evidence supporting their lies, erm I mean allegations.
I would suggest the University of Toronto read some of the articles from our own Andy Bob, a homosexual and extremely well respected contributor to the MHRM (love you for what you do brother) and Correctrix,  a transsexual (I don’t know you as well as I do Andy, Correctrix but love and respect what you do just the same.) And of course Karen Straughan, who freely admits to her bi-sexuality.
Those facts and people apparently escaped the U of T students union myopic university educated, gender studies indoctrinated observations.
They at least get the next part right, and I do have a sliver of sympathy for them. I also have a ton more sympathy and concern for their male children. Being raised by gaslighting liars is a terrible way to grow up.
But still they are correct men’s rights organizations are springing up all over the place and the reason is due to feminism’s toxic rhetoric and dogma. Nature abhors a vacuum U of T feminists and right now masculinity and all the great and honorable qualities that are linked to it is in a vacuum. This vacuum was created by your ideology, YOU are the reason the MHRM exists. You created this mess society is in from the last 50 years of horse-shit lies.
How a movement like feminism could be so naive is beyond me. To assume that feminism could throw half the population under the bus, vilify and demonize said half of the population and think there would be no sane ethical and moral individuals who would call them on their crap is crazy. I’d say that qualifies as feminist privilege, assuming nothing will be done while engaging in misnadry.
Their last bit is interesting. They bring out the already dis-proved claim that women from the last CAFE lecture given by Professors Nathanson and Young were threatened by the MHRM.  Even some of our non-calorically challenged detractors could not prove that claim, but that ain’t stopping the U of T students union.
Why let a little thing like truth stop you right feminists?
I would like to see some of these threats the U of T Students Union claims that some of the female protesters may have had some trolls look them up and make some nasty comments. Comments which I do not endorse or condone. That unfortunately is something that happens to people who are vocal about their views.
News flash there are moronic individuals out there who do engage in those types of activities.
Threats happen to males they happen to females.
And sometimes feminists manufacture those threats themselves like in the  Meg Lanker-Simons situation.
Am I saying that all those threats against those protesters are manufactured? No I am saying that feminists are known for doing this.
One last observation about that the U of T students union may wish to consider. It is known as Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Words so important they are enshrined in Canada’s Constitution. Words that I am going to reproduce in their entirety below.
Fundamental freedoms
2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.
Considering this is the highest law in Canada University of Toronto Students Union what makes you think you are above it?
What makes you think you are above the laws of nature and its abhorrence of a vacuum?
[As of this date the minutes for the 2013 Canadian Federation of Student’s General Meeting remain unavailable on their website. The editorial team at A Voice for Men invites anyone with additional information on whether or not Motion 2013/05:N16 passed, to get in contact with us.]

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