Carey Roberts

Joseph Biden’s Abuse Fantasy Tour

Mr. Biden claims the real cause of domestic violence is the “attitude of how society views women as chattel.” Of course women in our society benefit from all the legal rights as men, and enjoy endless choices and opportunities. So is Biden’s use of the word chattel to be considered absurd, inflammatory — or merely silly?

Palin Endorses Female Violence

A mere five days after the shocking assault, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin journeyed to Madison, Wisc. to deliver the keynote speech at a Tea Party rally. Exhorting Republican leaders to push for hefty budget cuts, the charismatic speaker exclaimed the University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team should tell “GOP leaders they need to learn how to fight like a girl!”

Sarah Palin Needs to Rein in Her Harsh Feminist Rhetoric

I applaud Sarah Palin’s passion, her adroit sense of humor, and her you-go-girl! gumption. But the more I learn about Sarah Palin, the more I become perplexed by her over-heated gender-bending rhetoric. I believe we can all agree that men and women should have equal opportunities. But let’s not confuse equal opportunities with identical outcomes. …

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