Joseph Biden’s Abuse Fantasy Tour

What is it with Democratic vice-presidents who embrace radical schemes, and then do complete a U-turn on the truth in order to mislead and alarm the citizenry?

First was Al Gore’s high-profile dalliance with international wealth re-distribution in the guise of stopping global warming. And now comes Joe Biden’s crusade to destabilize the family and grow the welfare state, under the benign-sounding banner of eradicating domestic violence.

Admittedly I had to restrain the impulse to belly laughter when the current issue of Glamour magazine with the Biden interview crossed my desk. At first I thought Glamour was doing a beta-test on a new science fiction gig. But no, these people really want us to believe this stuff.

First was the tableau of Mr. Biden in full-gravitas mode, seated by a roaring White House fireplace, eyebrows arched in paternal dismay, with the blue suit, regimental tie, and room decor all underscoring the somber theme: Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden say abuse is worse than being in prison.

And where do we begin? The jaw-slacking half-truths, the none-too-subtle fear-mongering, or the outright fabrications?

OK, we’ll start with the half-truths.

It’s been less than two months since Reginald Daye died at the hand of girlfriend Crystal Mangum, discredited Duke lacrosse accuser, who plunged a kitchen knife deep into his chest following over an argument over rent money. Mangum has now been charged with homicide.

Surveys reveal Mangum is only the latest example of a galloping epidemic of female-initiated partner aggression. The latest report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control shows teenage girls are now 30% more likely than boys to slap, shove, or try to hurt their dating partners.

But throughout the Biden interview, women are inevitably depicted as victims at the hands of their brutish boyfriends and husbands. Not the slightest suggestion emerges that females may be abuse perpetrators.

This is not a matter of doing a Shake-and-Bake routine on the numbers. It’s a case of outright assault and battery on the truth.

True, Mr. Biden sees himself an advocate for women, but does that mean abuse-prone females who need help should be swept under the rug for the sake of political correctness?

Ready for the fear-mongering?

The article alludes to the gallant “fight to keep women safe,” and the Vice President floats the notion that any abusive relationship “is worse than being in prison.” It’s like women need to be constantly at the ready for their daily regimen of bruising and beatings.

But Biden never puts the issue in perspective, failing to inform women that the actual risk of being knocked off by their husband lies on the same order of magnitude as being struck by a bolt of lightning.

Now for the fabrication follies….

Mr. Biden claims the real cause of domestic violence is the “attitude of how society views women as chattel.” Of course women in our society benefit from all the legal rights as men, and enjoy endless choices and opportunities. So is Biden’s use of the word chattel to be considered absurd, inflammatory — or merely silly?

The Vice President then reports, “when we looked at the statistics for women who are dating, we noticed the homicide rate has actually gone up.” Since I have delved deeply into the domestic violence reports and had never heard this factoid, doubts begin to seize my consciousness.

So I contacted the DoJ Bureau of Justice Statistics, asking if they could confirm Mr. Biden’s claim. Michael Rand, Chief of Victimization Statistics at the BJS promptly wrote me back, saying “I am not familiar with the study that was the source of the statement you cited.”

In response to Joe Biden’s well-rehearsed statistical tom-foolery, columnist Robert Franklin commented, “Someone should tell him to lay off the Kool-Aid.”

If you want to know the truth about domestic violence, several good resources are available on-line, such as this compilation of 282 studies.

And if you’re looking for an unabashed, full-frontal abuse spoof, be sure to peruse Vice President Biden’s recent interview in Glamour magazine.

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