The radical truth about Josefin von Zeipel Segerberg

[quote]Truth is regarded as a terrible word in this age of deconstruction. ~ Katherine Young, while fielding questions at the Conference on Male Studies.[/quote]

Imagine this scene: The government and media are working in concert to produce propaganda that legitimizes hatred and violence perpetrated by one half of the population on the other. They use the theories and philosophies of an individual that attempted to murder two people based on their sex, and develop material that is shaped and molded to influence the minds of young people, then they disseminate it through high schools.

Now imagine this: Anyone who objects to it is branded a “radical.”

If this sounds like the story line for some dystopian novel; something that would even elicit shudders and chills from Franz Kafka, think again. This is actually a modern non-fiction; a news report being played out in Sweden, a country that has become the most prolific purveyor of class hatred since post Weimer Germany.

For those that have not seen it, here is a self-explanatory example of Swedish wares. And another tidbit that has emerged since this video was highlighted on this website is brought to us courtesy of the shooter in the video, Josefin von Zeipel Segerberg, who reportedly attends school at the University of Gothenberg, Gothenberg, Sweden.  She has also been identified as the director of the SCUM Theater in Sweden.

Josefin von Zeipel Segerberg

Segerberg is also involved in a performance in celebration of “Straight Hate Day,” an attack on heterosexuality in Swedish culture. The writer who reported this story on Straight Hate Day claims they don’t really hate straight people, just the heterosexual norm. I would ask how far a leap it is between hating heterosexuality and heterosexuals, but that question would be interpreted by Swedish newspaper ETC. as a threat and a hate crime, which brings us to the real point.

After my recent interview with ETC Editor Eigil Söderin, it came as no surprise that she gutted the conversation and reduced it to what she felt she could use to demonize me and the men’s movement, painting us as violence advocating misogynists bent on causing harm to women. That is pär for the Scandinavian course these days. To be fair, much higher profile media sources have tried than ETC, which is a significant website in Sweden, but actually gets less traffic than AVfM.

Still, the larger question remains.

What, in the current political zeitgeist and climate of sexual hatred against men and boys, is the appropriate stance to take? Well, Pelle Billing, a known MRA from Sweden, has made his feelings known in his interview with ETC.  He said, and I am paraphrasing through the Google translator here, that “We were in contact when Paul Elam was Editor of Men’s News Daily, when I experienced him as a pretty calm person. Since then he has radicalized.”

And if that is what Pelle said, then he is half-correct. I still consider myself level headed. But yes, I have radicalized.  And so will you Pelle, if you actually want to get anything done.

That is not a personal indictment of Pelle Billing. He’s done a great deal of work on men’s issues. But unless his quote was taken out of context, he is dead wrong on this. Did I really hear Pelle telling a newspaper that is supporting murder-based-on-sex advocates of the SCUM Manifesto- which they are treating like a mainstream political movement – that he is concerned that Paul Elam has radicalized?

WTF, Pelle? Say it ain’t so!

Now, of course, the quote from Pelle was just the sort of fissure creating fodder that Söderin was looking for. Her attempt here is to divide MRA’s and hopefully weaken us; stall our growth. That tactic reveals a great deal of ignorance of the MRM as a phenomena, though, and a failure to understand that if anything, they have only served to make us collectively stronger. In the end, I am not going anywhere, and they are now more likely than ever to have to deal with Pelle, who remains a valuable asset despite the gaffe.

Also, before anyone becomes upset with Dr. Billing, please consider that there is a lot that could be lost in the translation here, as well as the distinct possibility that ETC is just outright lying about what he said. I have no ill feelings at all.

One of the lessons here in my mind is that words like extreme and radical are really just so much semantic quicksand. From the calls to destroy the nuclear family, to the promulgation of countless lies, to the SCUM Manifesto and that horrific video, to the celebration of hating heterosexuals – it is hard to imagine things already being less radicalized.

I search my conscious for the willingness to emulate any of this toward any group of people, including feminists, and I find nothing that will allow it. I have no capacity to stage a mock murder and orgiastic dance of celebration or licking the blood off of a victim’s wounds.  I have no ability to embrace a hatred of any sexual preference and actually plan its traditional celebration. Hell, I don’t even have the brazenness to make up statistics or revise history in order to achieve political goals. And I am the radical?

What I do have is the willingness to “out” hate mongers and put a light on them in front of as many people as I can.  It is one of the very few weapons I have in a misandric zeitgeist dominated by government, media and social complicity. And it is one I use not with a wish for harm, but with sadness.  Misandry is an evil. It must be confronted and its purveyors must not be allowed to wrap themselves in the comfortable shroud of impunity.

And let us be clear here. While ideologues and news reporters, already demonstrably deficient in integrity, will paint this as incitement to violence, I will instead remain focused on the truth. This is a reaction to the ideological and real violence that feminism has fostered for fifty years and which now has taken a governmental seat in the country of Sweden.

I not only have a right to present what is already public information, I have a moral obligation to identify the agents of hate wherever and whoever they are. I intend to fulfill that obligation regardless of objection or dissent. If you don’t want to be identified as a bigot and a social criminal, then quit advocating murder and hatred.

John, please put this disgusting bigot on the registry.

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