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Late last night/early this morning I was contacted by Eigil Söderin, the editor of the Swedish newspaper ETC. The purpose of Söderin’s contact was to ask interview questions about recent activism from AVfM that centered on a controversial Swedish video which depicted a group of young women murdering an innocent man and celebrating their actions with dance and orgasmic joy.

The questions were relevant, if a little superficial, so I thought they deserved to be answered. As I don’t know when the interview will be published, or under what editorial “flavor,” I thought it best to share the unedited questions and answers here with AVfM readers.

Why is A Voice For Men is offering a bounty of 1000 dollars for the confirmed identity of one or more of the individuals in the video?

Because the video is advocating murder.

In the commentary field of your blog the infioramtion[sic] of the people behind the video is now posted. What are you going to do with the information?

We will continue to gather as much more information as possible, and once the information is confirmed, we will then write articles profiling each of these individuals for public view and disseminate that information to as many people as possible, particularly targeting Swedish readers where possible.

Are you advocating violence against these people?

No, it is the individuals in the video who are advocating violence.

If some one of your readers act violently against these people aren’t you somewhat responsible?

Absolutely not.

What the purpose of Register-Her?

Two-fold. One, to provide a public record of women who commit crimes like rape, murder and false allegations. Two, to provide a public record of individuals the promote hatred based on sex, as the individuals in the video are doing.

Do you know the swedish blog “Genusnytt” by Pär Ström?

Yes, I have heard of the blog.

Do you know Pär Ström personally?

No, I do not.

Sweden is a “country deep in the grip of overt, totalitarian radical feminist rule”, what do you mean?

Those are not my words, so I cannot comment on them directly. I can tell you, though, from the perspective of many western men who are involved in the men’s rights movement, that Sweden has a reputation for having a very strong and oppressive form of feminist governance. Julian Assange, whom your government is now helping persecute on behalf of other corrupt western leaders, through a fraudulent rape charge, has called Sweden the “Saudi Arabia of feminism.” Surely this criticism is not new to you? The fact that the SCUM Manifesto, written by a man hating feminist who attempted to kill two people was adapted into a play and given the OK for Swedish High School students says something about the deplorable state of your countries politics.

Your questions themselves are part of the problem. Why are you asking an American about Swedish politics when it is Swedes and Swedish politics that support their young citizens for making videos that call on others to “do your part” by killing innocent men?

That video is a sick abomination. Why are you talking to me instead of pressing the people who made it?

I saw that Pelle Billing is a writer on your blog, is he a friend of yours? What kind of contact do you have with him?

I have no contact with Dr. Billing.

And that is how the interview went in its entirety.  There are a couple of matters of concern here.  The first point is that of the intent of Söderin’s questioning. How the information he was given is presented will be the ultimate determinant of whether there is cause for concern, but there appears to be a focus here on protecting the anonymity of bigots engaged in spreading a violent and hateful ideology. I hope that is not the case.

The other concern I have is over questions about Pelle Billing and Pär Ström, neither of which do I have a personal or professional relationship with.

And with that I want to add a note addressed to the people of Sweden. A Voice for Men is a loosely organized, standalone activist community of men and women concerned with the problem of misandry (the hatred and marginalization of men and boys).  We do not have any official affiliation with other men’s organizations, either in North America or Europe.

So if, in the future you see any attempt to establish a connection to bloggers in your country who may happen to share our concerns about the state of men and boys, be advised that you are being led away from the real issue here, which is why some Swedish citizens are making videos that advocate the murder of innocent people based on their sex, and into a witch hunt that is an intentional distraction.

Of course it is up to you what you choose to believe, but I do ask you to watch this video and ask yourselves who you think is the real problem here.

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