Magic Paul has left the building


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In November of 2011, This site’s founder and Editor-In-Chief announced he’d be taking some time off from the running of the site, the radio show the numerous demands of running operations at A Voice For Men. Stating it mildly, he was more than a little burned out from editing articles, writing, producing a radio show, coordinating access with media correspondents, planning other activism, overseeing as well as dealing with a great many individually enthusiastic MRAs who each needed Paul to research this, or write that, or publish who-knows-what, as soon as they convinced Magic Paul to also write it for them.

When Paul decided to finally step back and take a break, he left me more-or-less in charge. Lucky me. I chose not to run the radio show because the site by itself is already a handful, and I’m lazy. However, I also became the focus of a fraction of the enthusiasm of other MRAs to conduct their research, write their articles and in general, push their plans to completion. Gentlemen, you enthusiasm is great, but you’ve got to wield you own shovel. Researching, summarizing and writing is the work. Discovery of a blog on which individuals out their own plans for infanticide is great source material, but lets be honest with ourselves, such discoveries are common. The world we are living in has normalized the advocation of male targeting violence and murder, yet another collection of psychotics is raw material for activism, but the work is in actually doing the research, writing the summaries, and writing articles, blogs, creating graphics, printing stickers and then sticking them.

This is not dismissal of the excellent work done by the many MRAs who unearth further evidence of the moral bankruptcy of the now mainstream doctrine of violence-wrapped-in-humanism, but the work is in doing the writing. This site will publish your work, but we can’t do the work for you. Paul remains at AVfM, but Magic Paul has left the building.



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