Paul, take Jenna off

A user on the men’s rights section of recently posted a request there for the removal of an offender in the category of Bigot, on I’ve re-posted the comment here, along with my reply. I have omitted the user-name – because my purpose is to communicate clearly, and not to excoriate one Reddit user.


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The Posting:

Paul, You’re doing great work and I very much appreciate your contribution to the MRM. Lord knows you’re doing much more than me, which is pretty close to nothing. So, with all due respect, and I very much respect you, I ask that you take Jenna off RH. I do not know her, but I know MANY people like her. THAT WAS ME AT ONE TIME. She’s not evil Paul; she’s not a bigot; she’s just ignorant. BUT she’s learning. She’s trying. Man-hating propoganda WORKS! It sucks people in. The MRM is helping her see the truth. We need to let people off the hook once we point them in the right direction. She does not deserve to be on RH with convicted criminals. It just isn’t right.
Keep up the excellent work, Paul. I do very much appreciate the work you’re doing. Thank you!

edit: Allow me to stress one thing, not everyone is either a bigot or supporter of men’s and father’s rights. The VAST majority of people out there, like Jenna, are simply ignorant. The MRM isn’t a “you’re either with us or against us” proposition, or at least I didn’t think it was. We’re educating people here, and really doing a pretty good job of it. Making examples out of potential allies is a bad move. Educating people is what matters.



My Reply:

Have you actually read the “apology” posted by Karvunidis? It’s not an apology, it’s an exercise in damage control. In fact – the entire piece is summarized in the ending disclaimer. “I will remove this post if any further negativity is directed at me or my family and I reserve the right to moderate comments.”

This privileged princess has used the word “apology” in her title because for the first time in her pampered life, she met opposition to her blatant bigotry she couldn’t ignore. A tiny handful of MRAs with a moderately high traffic site – shining a light on hatred that until now has been given a free pass.

You say “She’s trying” ? The only thing she’s trying is to make us go away, so she – and thousands like her can go back to shitting on men in public with everybody’s tacit approval. She posts one fake apology and half the self declared MRA’s in the world are ready to roll over on their backs for a fucking belly rub.

No sir, she will stay on the registry, because she is a willful promoter of hatred, misinformation and bigotry. Men are being imprisoned on women’s whims, men are sleeping in the street, and men are dying because the ideological hatred exhibited so clearly by this woman is normal. She is a bigot. The fact that hundreds of thousands of others are also bigots gives her no excuse.

She stays on the registry. If the reason why remains unclear to you, I wrote this yesterday – for anyone still confused enough to provide the pussy pass those heaping hatred, censure and accusation of pedophilia on half the human race by sex.

For individuals who don’t want to read that article – here is its last paragraph.

This is why identifying, documenting and publicly exposing ideologues matters. It is opposition to hate and violence. This is the reason that among rapists, killers, false rape accusers – the category of Bigot exists on the site It is why we identify ideological bigots, shine a bright light on them for the world to see, and afford promoters of hate no mercy – and no rest.

No Mercy. No Rest.

[And with thanks to JtO for offering our final words on this subject, we now move on. There is a whole world full of these people to deal with. PE]

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