AVfM Radio: White Knights and other criminals


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Join hosts Paul Elam and JtO for this show examining the modern political White Knight. Historically this has come in the form of men like Vice President Joseph Biden, who authored VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act, a massive piece of legislation that has resulted in egregious amounts of government waste, deception of the public and a significant negative impact on civil rights and due process.

But there are surprises coming down the tubes from other governement officials right now. The proposed plans you will learn about on tonights show will shock you more than you can possibly imagine.  And you know we don’t say these things lightly.

You will definitely want to tune in to this one. But be sure to take your blood pressure medicine and be prepared to breath deep and count to 10 a few times over.

If you think that misandry in American politics is already bad, you have not heard anything yet.

On a slightly more cheerful note, Paul talks about his trip to the barber shop and take some shots at DV shelters, aka government sponsored bordellos. JtO delivers his usual slash and burn rant.

The call in number is  310-388-9709 and registered users can skype into the show.

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