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In another absolutely stunning display of generosity and activism, KARMA MRA MGTOW has found another internet article and has offered to combine your act of speaking up on behalf of men with a matching donation for the upcoming AVfM Radio Show!
This time he is offering to donate $2.00 for every MRA comment posted to the article linked below.
His last challenge, at $5.00 per comment, which was matched by zed, netted a whopping $700.00 for the new program.
So with thanks that are difficult to express I am posting this now, and then I am going to go directly to the link below and place my comment. Then I am going to come back and paste it into the comments here to make tracking things easier.
Please do the same. We have met our initial financial goals and then some, as far as starting the show is concerned, but there is much more on the road ahead of us.  This is the MRM coming alive in front of our very eyes.
Here’s the link and snip of the web  article.

Let's flood this bitch with the message!


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