Can This Misandric Woman be Reformed?

As I have stated here numerous times, I don’t find much value in any sort of prolonged debate with misandrists, except to the extent that they can serve to illustrate to others how ignorant and misguided (read: Futrelle) they are.
Recently, I had a brief exchange with a misandric female, username flip. who had a hissy fit after reading John Hembling’s piece “On Marriage.”
As is typical, she took a highly reasoned and well articulated critique of marriage and responded to it with a mindlessly shaming and sweeping indictment of men in general.  I traded posts with her a couple of times and then gave her a swipe with the ban hammer.
Same shit different day, right?
Well, not exactly. While she did act predictably on all fronts, she also just submitted a post under a different username that was significantly more reasoned. She still doesn’t get it, mind you, but there does seem to be an actual attempt at intellectual honesty in her latest effort. And she also manages to add something of value to the discussion here (value being in the eye of the beholder).
So I have decided to post the entirety of our exchanges here for your consideration. I am also approving her last comment where posted and lifting the ban – CONDITIONALLY – on flip to allow her to respond with that username if she wishes. The ban hammer is on the table, but within easy reach.
Anyway, here is the exchange, starting with her first response to Hembling re: marriage:
Flip: you must have been rejected by many women, your mother included, to have turned into such a pessimistic misogynist, hope you do not father any kids as it is obvious your parents must have been assholes, go seek therapy and educate yourself, history will explain to you the reasons for female backlash, you guys have dominated the scene for several thousand years, grabbing power and money, ruling women
Behind all human misery stand MEN!!!!!
Me: Excuse me, Ms. Cuntforbrains, or if you are male, Mr. Cuntforbrains, first, let me answer your really stupid question.
Which part of history shall we address first? Modern times with heads of state like Margaret Thatcher and Golda Mier and Indira Gandhi (It was Mahatma that was the pacifist)?
Or shall we dig further back to Cleopatra and any number of female European monarchs?
History teaches that where women can wage war, they do. The only difference is that they still don’t have to fight in them.
You see, this is what makes you a modern feminist. You demand an answer to something, in all caps no less, so self assured that you have just thrust the sword of truth and reason deep into the heart of misogyny.
Only to have it publicly demonstrated that you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Your complete ignorance of history now paints the entirety of your stupid face like a dripping mess of rotten egg.
Now this is where you slink off, too stupid to know you are intellectually out gunned by any MRA on this site, actually thinking you told someone off.
Flip: I am not a feminist bc I don’t believe in “ism” of any kind. I am not cuntforbrains, I am a person. I earn my living, pay my bills and live off noone but my work. Am proud of it.
Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meier were assholes. Cleopatra was put in power by Julius Ceasar and without him she had no power whatsoever.
Elisabeth I ruled England for 40 years and made it peaceful and prosperous.
How about Mr. G.W. – imbecile Bush??? He is the one who deprived you heroic men of civil liberties and right to speak your mind openly. And you hardly peeped. We women opposed the war waged for nothing and eating up billions of dollars and human lives. We argued to protect our right to abortion if we want it and to protect our right to raise our sons so that they do not have to go to Afghanistan and wherever the government likes to attack to exploit other nations.
The anger of men on this website amazes me.
“Anger causes more damage than the situation that caused that anger”.
Me: Just so you know why you are a cunt for brains. The point you made was not whether women were assholes. Hell, your presence here settles that one alone.
The point you made was actually a demand to answer your question, and i quote:
And of course you followed that up with the equally stupid and hateful:
Behind all human misery stand MEN!!!!!
So here is your choice, and you only get one chance. Admit that your question was answered with examples of women fostering war, assholes or not.
And admit that you have now just attempted to circumvent that by calling those women assholes. as though that makes them male.
If your next post does not contain at least that much intellectual honesty, your ass is outta here.
Flip: PS to previous: How about all those male heroes of Wall Street, Madoff, the idiot Alan Greenspan, the idiot Bernanke, the almost forgotten Enron???? Was any of them female? Those males caused you males more damage than any woman ever did.
Me: Drops ban hammer as promised.
And then comes her most recent comment submitted under username, here.  There is a great deal I have to say about it, including the fact that much of it still stinks. But I did think parts of it were interesting, even if misguided.  So I am holding most of my commenting for the comments section. I have only edited her comment only to the extent that I put it in paragraphs so it would not be such an eye killer.
here: Here I am again under a different name. Can’t resist. You banned me but…
I digged around and found your website. Interesting and I wholeheartedly agree with you on most points. I am slowly coming over to your side. You declared me intellectually dishonest but you were wrong.
I tried to post a reply that you were technically correct about me not answering your question right. But that is irrelevant now. I tried to say that I came across the website page by an accident while looking for something else. But now it captivates me. Especially your referring to Marxism. I come from a formerly Marxist communist country. I was born in the fifties under a totalitarian communist regime and know extremely well what it did to men and women and family. Noone in US knows the details.
The communist government passed a law that every citizen had to work, man or woman. For a woman to stay at home raising her children and being provided for by a man, was a parasitism punishable by a criminal law by a jail sentence of 2 years. Overnight, every man was stripped of a right to provide for and run his family life his own way. 6 mos later the government created nurseries and daycare centres for children. From then on, women were hauling their crying infants to government nurseries at 7 am and their crying toddlers and preschoolers to government daycare centres at 7 am. The next step? Four months later, the government passed a law that all children belong to the government, they are a state property and parents are just caregivers approved by the state. Anytime the state thinks it necessary, it can remove the children from the family and put them in the government run care. (They did in cases of gifted children, took them away from family and put them in sports/arts etc. oriented institutions and the children could only see their families once every 6 mos until they became totally alienated from their families – most of our athletes grew up in government care).
The government stripped men of their right and ability to protect and provide for their families. It’s coming. It is long in coming because of government not having enough money to spend on nurseries and daycares. But when it comes, with the laws associated with it, then men will have no access to their children. The women will be used as tools to put this into motion.
When I came here, I went into a culture shock observing women. Every one of them acted so entitled. Such a high self-esteem. I and my countrymen/women, we used to laugh about women here being so eluded and tricked on the subject of diamond engagement rings. Nobody in Europe wears or has an engagement ring. That is totally American!!!! People only have wedding bands. Ha ha! De Beers TV propaganda. We joke: what if all women decide to sell their 1 carats on the same day? Will anyone buy? Diamonds that have no actual value? American women are full of themselves. Huge egos. Huge shopaholics. Filling some empty void within themselves. Instead of spending money on plastic surgeries, cosmetics etc., why don’t you look into poverty in the rest of the world? Poverty quite often caused by US politics. And instead of buying that item to make you look irresistible to men, give something to the impoverished? You can’t buy youth, we all have to die!
Back to your main subject. Yes, if I were an American man, I would: never marry my compatriot. If in need of marriage and family, I would look elsewhere.
In closure: yes to your issue. Big yes. But please, only apply it to American females! The rest of us females from other parts of the world, we are quite fine, we work, pay our bills and take care of our kids.
Good day to you and you can ban me again. Just don’t call me c-for brains. I am a very ordinary down to earth person. I am also someone’s mother.

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