Evaluation of WAM! Signatories

It’s time for action. The AVFM community has scrambled to look beyond the fine print of WAM!’s ultimatum to Facebook and into the signatories. We are finding that some of them are tax-exempt, and even government funded. We now know that government funded institutions have endorsed a harmful double standard that results in the censorship of men.
But, if we discover that even one cent of government money touched WAM!’s campaign, we will be exposing a whole new dimension of hypocrisy.
We need your help to study the background of the signatories and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you have a few minutes to spare, log in to the AVFM forums and join us in the Project Central forums at the thread “A Call to Action – Feminist Oligarchy?” Due to the forum security settings, you can only view the thread if you are logged in to the forums as a registered user.
More details on how you can help are documented in that thread.

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