Shivers vs the restraining order mafia

Well as the readers of AVFM and NCFM have been anxiously awaiting, we have some news on the sentencing of Francis “Coyote” Shivers for the diabolical crime of using his cell phone to protect himself.
I have seen some very strange things in my time, but I cannot recall a situation or scenario where I have seen such a miscarriage, rather abortion of justice, as I have seen in this scenario.
Judge Katherine (“thanks for appointing me Gov Arnold & Marty, did I do good, did I did I?”) Solorzano, sentenced Francis Shivers yesterday to about 9 months in jail, a fine, and he is prohibited from using twitter (hmm, I thought we had a thing called the first amendment; silly me).
Shiver’s request for a retrial was denied but an appeal is forthcoming so bail was set at $250K.  Imagine that; a quarter mil for using a cell phone camera.  If the City of LA keeps this up and fines everybody who uses a cell phone camera a quarter mil, they will be financially secure in a week.  Maybe they could fix those potholes and clean up the graffiti that appear on city streets every 12 feet.; maybe even steam clean the downtown streets of the staph infections and TB that have made a resurgence.
Heck, since Ms. Pauley has taken thousands of cell phone pictures of her ex while following him around, and of her with her new lump, (I guess that thing could be called a boyfriend), at places just a few minutes before, where she knows Coyote and Mayra are about to arrive.  OH MY GOD, CALL THE COPS, CALL TMZ, CALL THE PAPRAZZI, CALL THE WHALES.
Since the series of articles have appeared on these pages and the NCFM, the response has been viral.  What is becoming more common place in Hollywood is that the misuse of the restraining order is not limited to just divorce cases; it’s being used in business disputes, to denigrate whistleblowers, and to get media attention to some low class wannabe celebrity trying to elevate their worthless career, in addition to providing utility to the personality disordered and psychologically dysfunctional.  Grease ball entertainment lawyers couldn’t be happier.  Wow, a court order that we can get with no proof and little effort. And hey, the Respondent doesn’t even have to be there.  This is the legal Lotto ticket.
In addition to this being restraining order terrorism, the emergence of a RESTRAINING ORDER MAFIA has evolved in Hollywood.  Let’s spell out a scenario; follow along now.  It’s a comical scenario; with maybe just a little fiction thrown in for entertainment purposes.
First; psychologically disturbed and personality disordered celebrity, hell bent on revenge with blood pouring from his or her eyes, with a boatload of cash, or loser untalented celebrity with a going nowhere career, decide they want to make life hell for their ex’s or maybe just pull a name out of their ass and claim abuse or stalking.  That will get them some camera time.
Next; they drop a bushel of cash on the desk of slime ball entertainment attorney and equally slime ball PR flunkie, and demand, I WANT REVENGE, I WANT TO REVITALIZE MY USELESS CAREER, HERE’S MONEY, MAKE IT HAPPEN.  WHILE YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN, I’LL GO SAVE THE LITTLE CHILDREN IN RWANDA.
By this time the slime ball entertainment attorney, still tingling in his or her shorts, awe struck, star struck; maybe even going to the extreme of putting an autographed picture of said celebrity on their desk instead of their kids, says OK, let’s first get a restraining order.  Disturbed or loser celebrity says, how do we do that?  While the awe struck lawyer is putting the picture of their kids back in their desk, he or she says, “Don’t worry, you can lie on these things and no one is ever questioned; plus we have an army of judges and prosecutors on the same page.  Hey, they want to get in with the A-Listers, too.”
The poor victim gets hit with a restraining order with special conditions like, Respondent can’t breathe, Respondent can’t pee more than twice a day, Respondent can only eat ToFu — little things like that.  Low and behold, the Respondent pees more than twice a day, and the surveillance army swoops down and voila, he or she has violated the restraining order, and goes to jail.  Since this is a horrible terrible crime of peeing more than the order says, and because the disordered celebrity needs something to talk about to the entertainment reporters at his or her next SAVE THE MONKEYS AT THE ZOO charity event, the court sets bail at infinity plus one of their kidneys.  Poor, poor victimized celebrity; cameo by slime ball lawyer.
The apparatus then swings into action; the ethical-less, integrity-deficient cops who are buddies with the slime ball attorneys, and who hope they can secure six figure retirement jobs, use taxpayer dollars — lots of taxpayer dollars — to go off on a wild goose chase, looking for evidence; sometimes thousands of miles away. If it’s not there, then we’ll just make it up.  Then we’ll write reports and only put in what we need to convict.  We don’t need to put in that silly stuff about his or her innocence.  Not all the cops get six figure retirement jobs. Some get huge payouts through bullshit sexual harassment or worker’s comp claims, usually in the form of a golden uterus award.  I heard though that they are now looking at some of those bullshit worker’s comp claims and videotaping some scamming cops, and some are going to jail.
Next; the case goes to the prosecutor for filing, who finds the time between Botox sessions, hair salons, and liposuctions to remove that “frumpy” appearance (because Hollywood doesn’t like frumpies) looks at it and goes, OH BOY HERE’S MY CHANCE, MAYBE I WILL GET TO TALK TO ANGELINA AND GET MY PICTURE WITH HER AT THE NEXT STAR STUDDED EFFORT TO ENCOURAGE CELL PHONE RECYCLING.  BOY WILL MY BOSS BE HAPPY WITH ME! WHAT?  HE PICKED HIS NOSE DURING THE ALLEGED SET-UP CRIME; LET’S CHARGE HIM WITH THAT, TOO!  
One set-up crime turns into 137.  Great lawyering if you ask me.  By the way boys and gals, make sure you go down there and make sure any witnesses in his or her favor don’t show up to the trial. You know what I mean, threaten to shut down their bar by making 20 bar checks a night.  Yeah that will scare the customers away and he’ll go out of business soon.  Oh, you didn’t do all of that. Maybe it was one of those self-proclaimed, couldn’t make it as a real cop, PRIVATE DICK TO THE STARZ.
The case then goes to the court and in most cases to one of the judges appointed by the ex governator, and Marty and Ron, or one of the others in the restraining order cottage industry.  The actual decision gets made the night before with a nod of the head and a tip of the martini glass at happy hour at power-broker places like Morton’s or the Pacific Dining Car.  Dry and two olives please, big tip waiting.
Now we’ll pile it on.  Disturbed celebrity along with ambulance chasing slip and fall lawyer come up with a brilliant plan.  I know, let’s get nut-case loser junkie here and pay them big bucks to make up all kinds of sicko things, like maybe scamming unsuspecting men out of cash over the internet in an S&M kidnap scheme; yeah that will work, being the victim of numerous kidnappings, rape and torture then we can blame that on the Respondent and sue him or her too.  We have to be careful on that one because there is no evidence; just shit we made up.  We can keep that going just until loser junkie gets put under oath, then we drop everything, because junkie boy or girl will fold like a paper napkin in a deposition with a competent lawyer.  Let’s avoid a perjury situation that will make us look bad, we can just say the poor-poor victim could not put herself through that again. She has already been victimated once, the poor thing, give her some survival space.
Now the PR loser gets in the act for some big greenbacks.  PR Loser says we need to get you involved in all kinds of save the children, save the whales, save the monkees, greenhouse gases, global warming, breast/sexual organ cancer charities, then we’ll get you on the View and Oprah.  Don’t forget to bring tissue. Can you shed tears on cue?  Here’s a small piece of onion; hide it in the tissue. That’ll work.  Wait for the OOOH’s and AAAAH’s from the studio audience. Timing, acting, just like on the set.
The Respondent begins the endless stream of court appearances, thousands of dollars in bail and legal fees, jobs lost, kids lost, friends lost, negative publicity, people won’t hire him or her because he or she has been labeled by the celebrity accommodating press to be a MONSTER, a lumpapaloozer.
The witnesses get up on the stand, and oops, their story starts to unravel, but fear not, A-Lister wannabe prosecutor will fix that; the judge will help.  Respondent is convicted for a crime that under normal circumstances wouldn’t get a second look in San Bernadino.
After a lengthy, convoluted and expensive trial with many twists and turns, the Respondent/Defendant goes through a host of lawyers.  Most are incompetent, others don’t care, and many others refuse to take the case; guess what, they are scared of this restraining order mafia as well.  They don’t dare oppose some of the restraining order mafia lawyers because they will never work again.  It’s better to blow the case for your client, let the vultures send him or her to jail for a crime they didn’t commit, because, hell, I got to eat, at Morton’s or the Pacific Dining Car, and feed my family, too.
Finally Respondent/Defendant gets convicted for animal cruelty for feeding peanuts to the squirrels in the park across the street from the courthouse.  Wait, that wasn’t in the criminal filing, oh yeah they just added it in at lunchtime.  We got em, let’s all celebrate tonight at the star studded party at celebrity dysfunctional’s estate, it’s being catered by the same guy who catered Titanic; great baked Alaska.  Will the photog’s be there?  Should I wear my new DKNY dress that shows a lot of my boobies?
A stream of victims appear at sentencing, tears stream, angry outbursts, and one gets into a 90 minute convoluted, and confusing (PD Behavior) Theodore Kaczynski Unabomber Manifesto Diatribe.  They gavel falls, “100” the judicial officer shouts between bangs of his gavel while the crowd begins to erupt, order, order I say, bang, bang, bang.
And all the borderline celebrity had to drop was about 5 mil, but had to go to a bunch of bullshit animal rights charity events and actually had to hold those smelly rodents like he or she loved them.  Now I got ticks and fleas.  My whole entourage of shyster lawyers, assistants, hangers-on, groupies and flunkies came with me everywhere I went.  8 men and 9 women, oops I mean 7 men and 10 women, one converted last week.  All the taxpayers had to shell out was about 10 mil for this circus.
I hope you enjoyed my comical rant; comical but not entirely inaccurate.  I am going to ask some questions.
WTF just happened?  WTF is wrong with this?  Is it just me?  Are any of you taxpayers pissed off that this extravagance has been spent on celebrities and the components of the criminal justice system so they can get in with the right crowd and get the right retirement job?
I told you what was what is happening and what it is, is corruption plain and simple.  This brings to mind the word I mentioned, “MAFIA.”
The Mafia as we know has been taken down by a thing commonly called “R.I.C.O.”  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them.
RICO was enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub.L. 91–452, 84 Stat. 922, enacted October 15, 1970). RICO is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968. While its original use in the 1970s was to prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime, its later application has been more widespread.  Some of the predicate offenses include murder, drug trafficking, bribery, fraud, murder for hire.
In 1984, the Key West Florida Police Department was declared a criminal enterprise under the RICO Act for cocaine trafficking.
On February 18, 2011,  A federal grand jury in the Middle District of Pennsylvania handed down a 48-count indictment against former Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judges Michael Conahan and  Mark Ciavarella.  The judges were charged with RICO after allegedly committing acts of Wire fraudMail FraudTax EvasionMoney Laundering, and honest services fraud.  The judges were accused of taking kickbacks for housing juveniles that the judges convicted of mostly petty crimes, at a private detention center.
The incident was dubbed by many local and national newspapers as the “Kids for cash scandal.”  On February 18, 2011, a federal jury found Michael Ciavarella guilty of racketeering because of his involvement in accepting illegal payments from Robert Mericle, the developer of PA Child Care, and Attorney Robert Powell, a co-owner of the facility. Ciavarella is facing 38 other counts in federal court. One juvenile who had been wrongly imprisoned hanged himself.
Anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) laws can be applied in an attempt to curb alleged abuses of the legal system by individuals or corporations who utilize the courts as a weapon to retaliate against whistle blowers, victims, or to silence another’s speech.  RICO could be alleged if it can be shown that lawyers and/or their clients conspired and collaborated to concoct fictitious legal complaints solely in retribution and retaliation for themselves having been brought before the courts.
From what I described here, is there anyone who does not now believe what is going on in the restraining order Mafia in Hollywood.
A Voice for Men sent a letter to the Los Angeles County Grand Jury on April 12  that can be found here and have received a reply.  A response to that letter is underway.
Just as in the cases of corrupt Maine prosecutor Marry Kellett, corrupt West Virginia Family Law Judge Lori B. Jackson who unsuccessfully attempted to get an injunction to silence A Voice for Men, and lest we not forget former prosecutor and now prison inmate Mike Nifong whose malignant narcissistic desire to be elected district attorney was willing to violate every principle of ethics to send innocent men to prison, possibly for life.
Oh let’s not forget Massachusetts Judge Beverly Boorstein, now retired after getting videotaped shopping on the taxpayer dime for issuing a restraining order to a severely injured Dan Iagatta, a quadriplegic fireman, who has now died and who has left his two young sons behind.  In September 2010, Jefferson County Missouri, 32 year old Lisa Cochranm who got a restraining order against her extranged boyfriend,  murdered her three young children, 11-year-old Alyssa Cochran, 10-year-old Autumn Cochran and 22-month-old Faith Ehlen.  Lisa Cochran’s estranged boyfriend, Christopher Ehlen, is the father of the youngest child.  And the gruesome firebombing death of Lisa Williamson, a former friend of Perrette’s whose demise came just as she began to reveal Perrette’s diabolical plan of revenge to ruin her ex and to recruit police and prosecutors in the process.
These are just a few of the thousands of stories like this.  All of this death and destruction and chaos coming at the hands of restraining orders, and corrupt public officials.  Does this bother anybody?
Judge Solorzano, shame on you, I really thought you had more integrity, or did the decision come from up above?  If it did, you still have time to do the right thing.  Is that loser, liar, nut case of a woman really worth it?
Judge Solorzano, shame on you again as the games began with all of those silly little mistakes, like Mr. Shivers bail listed as NO BAIL on the initial sheriff’s booking and as indicated on the website; then the bail was raised another 100K to 350K, then after numerous hours of phone calls, the proper bail amount of 250K, still an astronomical amount for the use of a cell phone was finally corrected.
Judge Solorzano; people have asked my why there was such an astronomical amount of confusion with Mr. Shivers bail situation.  My only response was that the games are being played, phones get made; things get taken care of a certain way, under the radar.
Judge Solorzano; that is wrong; you know it, and now, so does everybody else.  Nobody wants to hear a lame ass excuse about a glitch here and a glitch there.  Sorry, you know as well as I do, that the fraction of a second that bail amount comes out of your mouth, the clerk enters that information in the computer system; unless of course little silly games are being played to inflict the maximum amount of damage to Mr. Shivers as is humanly possible.
Judge Solorzano; and what about Mr. Shivers being classified as a violent felon in the jail, requiring him to be handcuffed everywhere he goes.  You can stutter and stammer all you want but the responsibility is yours.  What if Judge Solorzano, just what if, this little dirty trick, a little unknown to the general public little dirty trick; the classification process in the jail, resulted in Mr. Shivers being injured or killed inside of the LA County Jail.  Funny huh?  Yeah it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.
Judge Solorzano, I’m letting you know here on this site, that this is your responsibility.
Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Gertz; I only have one question for you;  Really?  C’mon, really; is this loon of a person, this liar, worth your job, your career, you law license?  Okay fine.
The bottom line is that Mr. Shivers was sentenced to approximately nine months in the county jail, a fine, and he can’t use twitter anymore, somewhat of a free speech issue.
The bottom line is that despite a mountain of evidence and facts, public officials, Judge Solarzano, Deputy City Attorney Gertz STILL continue to defend their ridiculous decision making.  Mind Boggling.
Judge Solorzano and Deputy City Attorney Gertz have done one very important thing; they have re-energized those folks all over the country to get back in the game with this whole restraining order nonsense, especially in the circus called Hollywood.  It is unfortunate that you don’t possess a sufficient level of insight to realize that you are wrong.  The good thing is that your level of corruption has re-energized the country.  Maybe you will realize that, come to your senses, do the right thing and tell the truth.  I doubt that you will, so I can only say I told you so.  Also, just a friendly reminder, there is a thing called the constitution.
So gear up readers; like the famous boxing announce says “ARE YOU READY TO RUMMMMBLE????”

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