Chicago, it’s my kind of town

From the windswept streets of Chi-town, home of wicked-good pizza, Chicago Dogs, Uncle Bern and Da Bears, our own Steve Berkimer has been pounding the pavement with evil, kitty blending intent.

He has been putting AVfM’s sinister message out to the unsuspecting public, furthering our plans for world domination. It is enough to warm our cockles and make us snicker as we twirl our moustache and conjure up more ways to get our oppressin’ on.

Steve Berkimer

We behold the beautiful, delicious terror of his deeds. What used to be a simple brick wall is now a wall of death.  A once plain and innocuous window transforms into a gateway to hell. A bus stop becomes a hate stop and steps that used to lead to just another sidewalk now ascend to the height of evil.

The horror of the truth becomes clear.

JTO’s fake skin sloughs off to reveal his true self, reddened scales, breath of sulphur and all. Dean Esmay laughs, and the slithering tongue of a serpent unfurls from his mouth. Typhonblue screams and pleads for someone to save her, but not even Mykeru can muster a response.

The plan is in place. It is too late to stop it now. Sometime soon another unsuspecting man or woman in Chicago will notice something in the window while riding the “L.” Or perhaps they will see it when they go to get the latest copy of The Chicago Sun-Times.

“What is this funny lookin’ sticker?” They will ask themselves. A Voice for What?

And then they will pull out their smart phone and scan the QR code that will change their life forever. And they will end up here, just like Roger Thornhill did after viewing one of our posters, helping us take over the world before they ever knew what hit them.

And you can join the plan, too. Just make contact with the dark and sinister Steve Berkimer at Tell him you want help spread the message, like peanut butter on a sammich. He will send you the stickers, free. It will only cost you….your soul!  Bwahahahahahahaha!

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