AVfM announces committee formation

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Over the past two years A Voice for Men has evolved into an ever more sophisticated instrument for activism on behalf of men and boys. Most of our work has focused on changing the public dialogue in matters of sexual politics; to in effect end the hegemony over the narrative long enjoyed by feminist ideologues. While we are not hanging out a “Mission Accomplished” banner, it is fair to say we have made visible headway in moving toward that goal.

They know we are here and they know we are not going to shut up. That is why you see feminists increasingly panicked about our presence and about our growth, and why they are awkwardly scrambling to bring an end to it.

The work we are doing to inject balance into the social discourse has also had another effect: Activism on the ground. Anyone following this site, or even taking a stroll down certain streets in cities like Vancouver, and others, is taking notice that a long awaited rebuttal to cultural misandry is finding its legs.

It is only a matter of time before those legs will be sprinting.

In that spirit, I am proud to inform members of the MRM that we are taking activism to yet another level. Our recent, promising returns from publicly intervening in the corruption of a misandric criminal justice apparatus has given birth to the idea that this type of activism should be the centerpiece of what A Voice for Men does. We have reorganized accordingly.

The Judicial Accountability Committee, henceforth referred to as JAC, or, The Committee, has been assembled to make this type of activism the predominant mainstay of AVfMs efforts to effect change where it is needed most.

The six member panel is co-chaired by Dr. Tara Palmatier and myself, and also includes AVfM editors James Huff, Dean Esmay, John the Other and AVfM News Director Robert O’Hara.

The purpose of The Committee is to identify, screen, fact check and organize highly assertive activism in cases that typify the pervasive problems of corruption and misandry in our criminal and family courts. We will not just be targeting the larger problem of that corruption and misandry, but the individual government functionaries responsible for it happening.

Our courts, when operating according to the intention of their design, serve the dual purpose of securing justice for victims while protecting the rights of the accused. They are the arena of power where all of our constitutional rights, as well as our sense of public safety, hang in the balance.

As is evidenced repeatedly though the pages of this website, much of the responsibility those courts have to the people has been swallowed up in a sea of politics, ambition, corruption and hubris, resulting in abuses that have become the rule, rather than the exception.

Meanwhile, our only other avenue to checks and balances is a mainstream media that has devolved into a useless cesspool of commercial interests with no inclination rock the boat by covering what is happening.

It is the objective of The Committee to prod that coverage from the media, and where it cannot be prodded, to replace it. Either way, the silence in the face of what is happening must come to an end.

Currently, The Committee has taken on the case of Lt. Col Joel Kirk, a US Air Force fighter pilot whose children have been placed into the hands of a documented child abuser by order of family court Judge Lori B. Jackson in Harrison County, West Virginia.

In this and in all future cases, The Committee will be bringing all of AVfM’s resources to bear in efforts to bring as much public pressure, embarrassment, negative press and legal consequences to the person or persons responsible for the abuses.

This is also our opportunity to announce that men’s activists can help us make this initiative more successful. By signing on as a committee affiliate, you give your pledge to join all the cases set forth in the future by the committee. That means a simple but firm obligation to join us in “minimum action” by making contact with each cases media and government agencies via email and phone (where possible). Each affiliate will blind carbon their emails to The Committee and notify us as to what phone calls you made and to whom.

Please do not sign on as an affiliate unless you plan on following through 100%. We must know the numbers of people we can count on to take actions in conjunction with each effort.

You will also be placed on a private mailing list and be apprised of current committee strategy (within reason) and advised or progress before it makes it to the site or radio programs.

If you have ever wanted to be part of an organized effort to advocate for men and boys in an area where it is desperately needed, this is your chance. The work is simple, and not particularly time consuming for affiliates, but again, I stress, this is not for armchair quarterbacks. Team players only, please.

You can add your name to the list of the committed and be placed on the mailing list by sending an email to thecommittee@avoiceformen.com.


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