MWT Radio: Interview with Lt. Col. Joel Kirk

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On Monday, September 17, 2012 at 8:00 PM CST, a special edition of Man, Woman Truth Radio will air on BlogTalk Radio. Joining co-hosts Dr. Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam will be US Air Force Lt. Col. Joel Kirk currently of Harrison County, West Virginia.

Many listeners will already be familiar with Kirk’s bizarre, Kafkaesque odyssey through the Harrison County Family Court, presided over by Judge Lori B. Jackson.

Jackson has made a shocking ruling in Kirks ongoing divorce case, reversing a previous judge’s decision to award full custody to Lt. Col Kirk, and has given custody to the mother, Tina Taylor Kirk, despite the mountain of documentation provided  that  proves Ms. Kirk has regularly abused the family’s two children.

This episode will be an in depth interview with Lt. Col. Kirk, allowing him to directly tell listeners about this tragedy, and about his struggle to secure the safety of his children and obtain some semblance of justice from the family court.

After the interview there will also be a discussion of activism efforts on behalf of Lt. Col Kirk, and you will be told how you can help.

The phone lines will be open at 310-388-9709, or registered users may skype in to speak to Lt. Col. Kirk.

The show airs at 8:00 CST, US tomorrow, September 17, 2012, which is 2:00 AM, September 18 in London and 11:00 AM September 18 in Brisbane.



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