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Guest post from Jade Michael.

Tired of misandry in pop culture media?  Sick of hearing about “Womyn in Music”?  Do you write songs that stand up to Feminism and expose it to be the hate movement it has turned into?  How about poetry?  Short stories?  Spoken words?  Have you snapped any compelling photography lately?  Does your artistic material deal with men’s issues?  Do you refuse to pander to a primarily female demographic?  If so, would you be interested in an MRA artistic collective willing to feature your work?

Search no more!

It is with great pride I announce the codification of a new MRM website, Artistry Against Misandry, which will serve to feature the awareness-raising music, spoken words, creative writing and graphic art of MRAs.  If your creativity is your strength, let it be your voice.  If you’re the type of person who expresses himself/herself best through artistic avenues vs. blogging, then this is perfect for you.

For all of you writers out there, fiction or non-fiction stories, as well as poetry or stream of consciousness writing focusing on the good in men or the cultural adversities we face, would make great submissions.

Musicians, you share my greatest passion and I invite you all to submit any MRA/pro-male related material you have, for free download.  Compilation CDs featuring your work may be produced and distributed in the future!

Photography, spoken words, graphic art, short films and PSAs are needed as well.  This could be a great outlet for all of you amateur filmmakers out there.  (Some songs will be uploaded without a corresponding video so I am hoping to find creative minds to supply strong visual images for a greater impact.)

If you have writing you would like to have turned into a spoken word or lyrics you would like turned into a song, please don’t be shy and submit these as well.  I will write, produce and record all backing music for those selected.  This will take time and monetary donations but it is something I promise to do with the utmost respect for your work/vision.

This website will be a place where MRAs can go to express themselves in positive, artistic ways so other MRAs (potential and otherwise) can view thought-provoking material.  Being an MRA can be daunting at times, with all of the uphill battles and steady barrage of misunderstandings thrown at us.  I hope to offer a “decompression chamber” in which we can be reinvigorated.  Any pro-male art that inspires and esteems us will be considered for posting.

I hope to have all initial material (my own included) ready by a release date of February 15, 2012, so if you have ideas rolling around in your head but no outlet for them, now is the time to get to work!  Please submit work to  Your help in making this a viable, visible network will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Artistry Against Misandry



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