Danielle Pynnonen: Your child, her rapist

Danielle Pynnonen is a child care worker participating at the feminist website Radfem Hub, under the username “Allecto.” Of the threads captured by the MRA: Agent Orange, the one beginning with “I’ll just rape you” was Pynnonen’s.  This shocking item of dialog was attributed to a 9 year old boy under Pynnonen’s professional care as a child care worker.

The boy apparently made this remark after being manipulated by a girl his own age into stating his affection for her, and having been rebuffed after his admission.

According to Pynnonen, who claims to have brought the incident up with her professional peers and supervisors, “I was told in no uncertain terms that Ms. Harrassment Victim was sexually precocious and like [sic] to draw attention to herself and it was her fault that this was happening to her and that she was in the early stages of being experimental with her sexual power over boys.” This is Pynnonen’s characterization of what she was told, and which she followed with “Fuck that for fucked up shit!!!!!”

The child-care worker’s reactionary rejection of her supervisor’s alleged explanation appears to be based on a failure by her bosses to classify a 9 year old boy as a predator, and to attribute developing manipulative skill to a 9 year old girl. This evaluation being at odds with Pynnonen’s preferred dogma of the innate evil of males. Even outside the field of child care, it’s widely understood that girls develop socially ahead of boys, so even allowing for the bias of a self identified radical feminist, Pynnonen’s outrage is hard to grasp.

What’s harder still to address is the attitude of a professional child care worker towards a pre-adolescent boy whose behavior she finds unacceptable. Why is a statement by a nine year boy such a source of terror and outrage to an adult? Why is his objectionable statement not simply a matter for the gentle correction that professional childcare workers are called on to provide on a routine basis for boys and girls?

Another commenter in this thread, Lorraine Allen, who is a special education teacher at The Center for Discovery Hurleyville, New York who blogs as “White Tiger”, remarked that she would like to throw this boy out a window without opening it.

Sigghh… my gut reaction to this was to mentally pick him up and throw him out the window – without bothering to open it first. Nine years old and already ruined for life by the older males in his sphere of influence.[1]

Obviously, there are a number of problems in the commentary of these women, whose careers consist of the care and education of children. That these problems, so obvious to a layman, are nowhere addressed by professional caregivers and educators necessitates some tedious recitation of the obvious.

That a 9 year old boy should suggest rape as a possible solution to un-returned affection suggests very strongly that he learned this from an adult. As a commentator to this drama, I can guess from whom.

Here’s a hint: He’s being raised at least partially by a child-care worker obsessed with the radical-feminist dogma of masculine evil and feminine victimhood. Since some of the readers of this article will be radical feminists, I’ll bludgeon this point a little more. For you deliberately obtuse fembots – this little boy probably learned that rape was a male-normal response to unreturned affection from Danielle Pynnonen, the same child-care worker in whose charge he is placed.

Danielle Pynnonen, the child care worker who, throughout the thread at Radfem Hub refers to her young charge as “Mr Rape Threat.” This is a nine year old boy who almost certainly learned about rape from Pynnonen, and given a free hand to hold his mind – would likely turn him into a future rapist. Given her distorted view of little boys and maleness in general, how could she do otherwise?

This is also why for Pynnonen, he’s not to be corrected or taught a more well adjusted response – but punished with great fury, and in Pynnonen’s preference, done great harm.

[box type=”alert” icon=”none”]“RULE ONE: never say anything to hurt the poor widdle[sic] boy’s feelings. […] RULE TWO: never ever threaten the widdle[sic] boys! These are the future rulerz of the world. Don’t hurt the sons of the king!”[/box]

That was Pynonnen’s explanation to another radical feminist whose suggested response was to threaten the nine year old boy with sexual dismemberment.

“if you don’t apologize to that girl right now, I’ll just cut off your tiny little pecker.”

This remark came from an individual who comments at Redfem Hub under the username, Bonobobabe.

Rather than Bonobobabe’s presumed reason; that it would be impolitic to injure the son of a king, I’ll assume than a small fraction of my readers are flat-out retarded. So for those mental defectives from Radfem Hub, I’ll offer another reason. You don’t injure children (or adults, for that matter) because it’s morally indefensible to injure children. Let’s take that logic a step further. If you’re a child care worker, at your place of employment, being paid to care for children, then injuring the children is the opposite of doing your job. Am I going too fast for anyone here?

If you’re still with me after those wild leaps of logic, try this on for size: We abhor individuals who harm children, and put people who harm children in jail because protecting children from harm is one of the basic, fundamental functions of human communities. This is part of what makes us “social animals.”We take care of each other, particularly of children, because the biological drive to protect children is part of our species basic survival programming.

I’ll wait here for a minute to let the rad fems catch up. I hope I didn’t hurt anybody’s head.

That Bonobobabe is not a child care worker means her clearly expressed will to do harm to infants has lesser opportunity for expression than Danielle Pynonnen or Lorraine Allen, but this is very small relief.

The incandescent, violent hatred of these women towards male children exceeds anything I’ve ever encountered. Indeed, this self documented desire to inflict harm on children would appear to be a good place to start investigation of employment histories. The enormity and depth of this sickness might be new to western law, requiring a new framework to address. Laws used to bring to heel hate organizations like the KKK may be inadequate to address this particular brand of pathology. Investigation of unsolved child abuse or infanticide cases in connection with Pynonnen or Allen’s past employment does not seem unreasonable.

It’s also important to note that these individuals advocating dismemberment and murder of children are not alone or isolated. They’re educated, employed, connected and established “respectable” people of society’s mainstream. Dismissing their violent and hateful fantasies as the ravings of crazies ignores that they are, on outward appearances – normal people with nice clothes, mortgages and who drive late-model cars. It’s just that they spend their free time sharing fantasies with others who are obsessed with harming children.

In the past year, a number of high-profile male-targeting mutilations and infanticides have reality-checked the myth of women’s innate innocence. Despite this, our society continues to indulge in an increasingly pronounced denial of reality when it comes to female offenders. The citizen journalism exposing a developing will to engage in murder and infanticide may take months of repetition and publication of details before mainstream media, and more importantly; the parents of children under these monster’s care, take serious notice.

For the men and women participating in this project, this will not be a hindrance. For radical feminists ideologues the age of comfortable anonymity in pursuit of violence and murder is over, you have Pam O’Shaughnessy to thank for the recent exposure. We will continue to document and publish the murderous, infanticidal, and genocidal pursuits of your hate-movement until it is extinct.
Thank you for your kind attention.

[1] http://www.avoiceformen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2011/12/Ill-just-rape-you.pdf

[editors note: We were advised by a reader of the following petition demanding that Danielle Pynnonen remove herself from the care of children. We are posting it here for your convenience and hope you will take a moment to sign it. Thank you. PE]


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