An urgent and rare opportunity to speak out


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Below you will read an email I have just sent to Russlyn Ali, the assistant secretary for civil rights at the U.S. Department of Education, who also happens to be the chief architect of the notorious “Dear College” letter that informed American universities that they were being strong armed by the Obama administration into eliminating due process for college men accused of sexual crimes and placing criminal matters in the hands of college administrators as opposed to the criminal justice system.  Many of you have read the scathing evisceration of this affront to the constitution as published in the Wall Street Journal.

Now why is this letter so important? Well, I think for obvious reasons we need to raise our voice against this kind of bald tyranny.  But what is even more special about this is the email address provided. It is not a government form or an office address.

It is the direct, personal email for Russlyn Ali.

I have it on pristine authority that this is the email she uses for day to day business.

Don’t ask me how I know that.  Let us just say that as the movement grows, so does our reach.  And now is the time that you can reach out, personally, to register your objections to this heinous policy directly to the source.

And, if you will PLEASE pass this announcement and the email address around as quickly as possible, but AFTER you write your own email and send it.

I would like to remind everyone that the most effective way to get this point across is politely, but firmly.  I trust you know how to do that.


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Dear Ms. Ali,

I am writing to register my vehement objection, indeed my shock and offense, regarding the actions of your office to undermine due process and foster a “guilty until proven innocent,” standard at our institutions of higher education, and to financially coerce them into compliance with the same.

The safety of our citizens from sexual assault is a concern to all Americans, but the actions of your office has veered us onto a path of hysteria and witch hunts, to be enforced, no less, by the federal government.

The AAUP has come out in opposition to this, and I am sure you are familiar with the scathing and accurate assessment of this policy by the Wall Street Journal as “institutionalizing a presumption of guilt in sexual assault cases.”

Ms. Ali, this is an abominable misuse of federal powers and a literal shredding of our constitutional rights.  The only decent thing that remains for you and the administration to do is rescind that awful directive.


Paul Elam
Houston, Texas


[box icon=”none”]Activists, let’s ACT. You can write Ali and voice your protest to this policy at[/box]



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