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Tiffany Marie Smith, the ex-wife of men’s advocate Gordon Smith is now sitting in jail after having been arrested on three counts of false accusation and one felony count of making a false statement to police investigators.

She was arrested this morning in Dover, Delaware by the Dover Police Department.

Her arrest came at the end of a Kafkaesque saga for Mr. Smith, who was arrested 8 times on a total of 13 allegations from Tiffany Marie, all of which stemmed from a bitter custody dispute. During that time, Gordon Smith was arrested once at gunpoint, jailed several times, forced to wear a GPS monitoring device around his ankle,  and was in fact arrested twice when the monitoring device proved that he was nowhere near Tiffany Marie Smith at the times she alleged he violated a protective order. The allegations involved a range of crimes. including sexual assault, physical assault and terroristic threats.

The ordeal has cost him untold thousands in legal fees and severely compromised his professional life.

As a result of her arrest, all of the seven remaining charges against Mr. Smith were dropped, and his legal fight for his freedom is over.

It appears that the writing was evident on the wall to police officials, and the prosecution against Mr. Smith folded after the Dover State News (DSN) picked up on the story from A Voice for Men. DSN reporter Craig Anderson covered the story involving a felony charge against Gordon Smith being dropped, and reportedly began investigating other aspects of the case due to AVfM’s coverage.

An elated Mr. Smith had a message for readers of AVfM, who reacted to the story of his struggle by pressing it to officials and to the media.

“Words cannot describe the emotions I feel for every one of you at AVfM who made phone calls and sent emails and prayed for me during this time.”

More information will follow on this case after the holiday, when state offices are open.

Special recognition to Dean Esmay for his tireless work on this story. PE



*Update from Dean Esmay* Official statement from Dover, Delaware police department:

Tiffany Smith 29 reported several domestic related crimes to the Dover Police and Delaware State Police over a period of time in August in which she stated she was victimized by her ex-husband Gordon Smith 47. On August 18 the Dover Police arrested Mr. Smith on several charges relating to a domestic incident. After the arrest Tiffany Smith continued reporting that Mr. Smith was stalking her and on one occasion had physically attacked her. A joint investigation by Dover Police and the Delaware State Police found that Tiffany Smith falsified all the complaints she made against Mr. Smith. Tiffany Smith was arrested on three counts of falsely reporting an Incident and one count of providing a false statement. All charges against Gordon Smith have been dismissed at the request of the Dover Police Department.

Special recognition to the Dover Delaware Police for having the guts and the decency to do their jobs and do it right and to pressure the Delaware State authorities to do the their jobs. Special thanks to Dover PD Lieutenant Alan Rachko, who wins the Big Brass Balls of the year award in my eyes. –DE

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