The events headlined alongside this post are, at least on the surface, a mixed bag. On one hand we have a magnificent example of a victory in activism with the arrest of false accuser Tiffany Smith. On the other we have a Vancouver police officer bending to the will of a mob — effectively joining them — in an effort to silence advocates for men and boys. But there is a theme running through both of these events, and it is echoed here in grand fashion in this recent video by Daddy Justice.

There is something changing in the air here, people. You are witnessing it with the work of Dannyboy in Hamilton, Ontario; with JTO in Vancouver; with the new group of MRAs in Seattle that are now taking the activism to the streets; with the defiance of men like Greg Canning and KARMA and Dr. F in Australia, and others that are starting to build into numbers that already make it impossible to credit everyone. You see it in the growing numbers of women that are standing tall by our side.

That change is starting to be felt in places like The Dover State Police, by the Women’s Departments at Monash and other universities, by our elected officials and our judges and our police commissioners; by our prosecutors and our educators and our journalists. That change comes with a clear message:

The days when those of you who step on the backs of men with impunity are coming to an end. The days of you operating a hateful agenda that destroys families and children and human rights for the sake of elitism and bigotry are headed for a reckoning.

The days of your lies and distortions being passed off on the world without anyone raging the truth back in your face are over.

The silence you have long relied on is now a thing of the past.

Men are waking from their long slumber. They are wiping the sleep from their eyes and seeing the sorry road that they have taken in the full light of day. And they are recognizing that just like parasites feeding off the blood of their hosts, you have been feeding, leeching, off their good will and their patience and good graces. And they are going to rise up against the evil that spills from your mouths, from your pens, and gavels and microphones….and destroy it.

All your hatred for and exploitation and abuse of men and boys will be strangled till lifeless and discarded in the graveyard alongside other past forms of  human foulness.

The time for your unchecked bigotry is over.

Today, we are in ten cities. Tomorrow we will be in a hundred. And we will continue to grow and scream the truth at you until your stench has been cleansed from the miasma shrouding the horrible world you have created.

No matter how you try, no matter how many you hurt in your efforts, you cannot beat the truth or stop it or sway it from its path forever.

Your lies have had their time. Their disgusting legacy is written in the lives of shattered men, in broken families and in hobbled boys who never had a chance to stand as men. But that time is passing.

Rage back, as you will. Inflict your harm an do your ill deeds to those who stand against the malicious schemes of petty ideological tyrants. In the end your efforts will fail. You have only two choices. Be freed by the truth, or destroyed by it. The truth cares not which you choose.

Nor do we.



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