Spring 2013 Fundraiser

As it is with each change of season, it is time to do our quarterly fundraiser at A Voice for Men. Spring 2013 is here!
And, as is the case each time we launch a fundraiser, I hope that we have accomplished enough in the previous quarter to inspire you to part with some of your hard earned money to help us carry on. So far you have each and every time responded in spades and carried us to a successful conclusion to our fundraising efforts. On behalf of the entire editorial board I can’t thank you enough for that.
But I don’t want to take anything for granted, especially not now.
In recent days, AVFM has reached new heights in terms of drawing attention to the fact that a growing body of men and women are demanding that society take notice of the issues faced by men and boys. We are effectively drawing more readers than many mainstream feminist websites, included some very well-heeled examples like Good Men Project.
We have helped inspire debate about and dissent from the feminist hegemony in media, government and academe, as well as the social and family setting.
We have directly caused bigoted ideologues to out themselves to the world, as we have seen at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University, and we have incurred the predictable backlash of those same agents of deceit who would try to shut us down and silence our cause.
We are still standing and stronger than ever. But it is time to move ahead with vigor.
I just recently posted the announcement that AVFM and NCFM have joined forces to help establish university men’s issues awareness groups throughout western academic institutions. And now is the time to set to that work in earnest. It is time to take the message that men’s rights are human rights directly into the heart of the proverbial beast.

If you think the University of Toronto was illuminating, just wait.

In the truest sense, we have finally arrived at the pivotal moment in our history that was the purpose of this organization all along. We stand at the springboard of the future of the Men’s Human Rights Movement; a future that must involve wresting the power to lie and distort with impunity directly from the hands of feminist ideologues. It is time to force our will into the public discourse on sexual politics, and force the issues of men and boys directly onto the worldwide stage.
Now is the time, people, to either move forward as a legitimate and unstoppable movement for actual human rights, or to collapse back in to the pile of so many false starts. There will be no stasis or stagnation for AVFM. We either move ahead, or we fold. It is just that simple.
I am betting that we are moving ahead.
On behalf of the editorial board of A Voice for Men, and as a matter of personal commitment, I give you my personal pledge to work harder, longer and with more intensity than ever before. And I am asking the same of you. Help us with your donation to this fundraising drive. Help us blow that thermometer up like a thermonuclear blast.
If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, please give this fundraiser a mention and let people know how important it is. Please post this note to your social networking pages and pass it along on your email lists.
I don’t think it is in the least overdramatic or inaccurate to say that you might well look back at the Spring of 2013 and be able to say, “I was there where it all started to change, and I was a part of it happening.”
Let’s do this now.

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Fundraiser closes 12:01 AM CDT, 3/29/13



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