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(AVFM News) Washington D.C. Apr. 24, 2012 –There has been much debate amongst MRAs as to what in particular prompted the SPLC to identify several Men’s Rights groups and websites as hate groups in their 2012 Intelligence Report.  The report itself did not give any specific clues and in fact featured mass murderer, George Sodni, a man with absolutely no ties to the movement whatsoever.

Recently, it has been pointed out to AVFM News that a poster on reddit announced shortly after the release of the Agent Orange Files that they were going to contact the SPLC and that she, in fact, had ties there.  She later took credit for the organization’s naming of the MRM as a hate movement.  This will be the first time that a direct connection between the releasing of the AO files and the actions of the SPLC.

In December of last year A Voice for Men published and article entitled “Radfem Hub, the underbelly of a hate movement” which exposed screenshots from a private Radfem online forum which can only be described as heinous examples of vitriolic hate speech.  An MRA going by the name of Agent Orange, along with others, had painstakingly collected the screenshots over a period of time and in addition tracked down the identities of the forum participants.  Their names, along with their respective quotes from the screenshots, were featured in the article.

Shortly after publication of this article AVFM announced that Agent Orange had made available online a warehouse of screenshots that included Facebook and Linkedin profiles of Radfem Hub participants along with examples of their postings.  This was done in order to expose the hateful activities of feminists and to make aware to the public their intentions.  AVFM encouraged MRAs to browse through the files and write their own articles in order to publicize the matter further.

The immediate reaction from feminists all over was that of carefully guarded shock.  Articles written by Jezebel and David Frutrele (Manboobz blog author) tried to minimize the impact by posting articles that glibly chided MRAs for doing what they described as a feeble attempt to discredit Radfem Hub and Feminism in general.

However, the reaction from other quarters betrayed panic.

A lawyer from Baltimore named Kathy Brennan, who is also an active member of Radfem Hub, frantically tried to track down the identity of Agent Orange and openly called for his prosecution.  She was not successful.  Online Feminist forums became suddenly quiet for weeks due to fear among their members that they too would be identified.  Calls for action by the FBI were heralded all over the internet in an attempt to get the federal government involved.  These too were not successful.

One instance where there was no hiding the panicked reaction of Agent Orange’s targets was a on the Sub Reddit “Shit Reddit Says”; a sub-reddit who’s only apparent aim is nothing more than to discredit the Men’s Rights Movement.  As AVFM reported in January, along with the announcement of the Agent Orange files publication, the sub reddit was ablaze with anger and rage directed at AVFM and Agent Orange for  publishing the names of Radfem participants.  One thread in particular, named  “r/mensrights announces their plan to release the private information of RadFem Hub posters” hosted a frenzy of redditors posting their angst and disgust regarding the AVFM’s coverage of the Agent Orange Files.

One redditor calling herself “little tiger,” named the writer of best Effortpost and Best Submitter of 2011 announced four months ago on the SRS thread that she had connections at the SPLC and would try to get them involved.  After the SPLC released their intelligence report concerning the MRM she took credit for initiating the report as recently as five days ago on a subreddit called “Subreddit Drama.“

“I have known the folks at SPLC since approximately 2006. I talked to a friend of mine there personally in December after a particularly frightening incident at /r/MR (I did not identify the subreddit specifically or even say it happened on Reddit, just said “a men’s rights group online”), and they essentially told me that they were aware of the MRM already and yeah, sometimes MRAs did frightening things, isn’t the Internet weird blahblah.”  she posted in response to an inquiry about her activities on the thread.

Agent Orange contacted AVFM and notified us about littitiger and provided links to her activities on Reddit. (see links below)  He also shared with us a brief correspondence with littletiger.

“From me to littletiger:

‘Thank you

‘I wanted to personally thank you for helping get the word out to the SPLC after the Agent Orange release. The press you helped to provided us has allowed us to begin pushing out agendas into India, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Germany. We literally have tens of campus student groups forming across the U.S. as a result of the this.

You see, since the SPLC exposure, folks across the U.S. that had no idea of the issues have been coming to us in droves, and quite a few are telling their families who are in other countries.

‘There are even more articles showing up in publications talking about our issues since the SPLC release, many of them second [guessing] the current paradigm in gender politics.

‘On behalf of the MRM, I’d like to extend a warm thank you, and kindly ask you keep up the good work.

Littletiger responds:

“I want you to know that I also called the SPLC about RadFemHub’s hateful tendency to drop dox on trans women. The problem is doxxing, not the fact that you are an MRA.”

It is curious that in addition to the SPLC not reporting about the Radfem Hubs activities they are also accepting money from them as reported by AVFM previously.







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