Four brothers in my inbox

From time to time I post some of the emails I get. With all the recent activity my inbox has been pretty busy. But I just got one from one our Australian brothers, a gent known to some of you as Dr. F, who wanted me to pass on some recent events in his life in some way.

Being both reasonably bright and lazy it occurred to me that this was the sort of thing better coming from the horses mouth, so I asked for and got permission to run the email. There is nothing I could add to this, and in fact would likely have spoiled any effort to take the story and say it for him. So here we go with the email, which was a very welcome bright spot in my day. A lot of bright spots these days.

G’day Paul,

I am hoping that this write sees you fine and well. As for me,  I am doing more than ok I can tell you.

Last Sunday me, my brother and Stu gathered at Karma’s place for a meet and greet.  We all knew we’d have a time of it, and to say we did would not be explaining the half of it.  So I am going to try to fill you in on some other bits as much as I can.

I had already met Karma one time the week just gone, and instantly he and I drew upon the familiarity we have built by way of your website over the previous fourteen months or so. We sounded like a couple of jabbering monkeys as we became excited more than the sum of our parts with stories and idea we have.  It was an experience I will never forget.  

Anyway,  when the four of us got together it was all this and quite a bit more as well. All of us in one moment that was for four hours, just could not stop discussing and debating and swapping ideas like tomorrow wouldn’t turn up. It was miraculous for all of us, and something occurred to me. I knew that had we been alone that day with only ourselves as four units apart in geography then our combined ideas would not only have been diminished, but the forte of them would have been so as well. What I mean by this is that together our new and wonderful ideas were much stronger than four blokes just shooting the shit, we were twenty “apart” MRA’s in strength but we were only four in one room. Four.

The flow and ebb of many MRA’s gathering on the net is one thing and this is wonderful. However, the conversation and exchange of ideas are staggered with time interrupts and loss of translation occasionally,  but not so with a kindred soul right there in real time.

Right now there are plans for a parody video, a musical addendum to something else from my brother, a video editing work bench nearly established, another YT video montage regarding the placement of MRA stickers, three other videos discussed and other things I can’t talk about for reasons important to relevant parties.

My want here is for you to know at least two things,  one is that we four thank you for your site and how it’s ripple effect of having us meet,  and secondly for you to know all the more as you do already, that when MRA’s get together ( I mean get together with a handshake and a laugh and the other )  we are a multiplication of our parts not just the sum.  We were tripping over ourselves with all of the pent up bit of it all I can tell you, and I know you can see it in your mind’s eye the same. How could you not ?

Just four blokes in four hours, and what will come from this may yet have some needing a seat-belt that needs buttoning.  I tell you I am busting and more dawns won’t find me dropping off with that. There are others out there who are just as passionate, and we become all the more so with our now meeting each other on the other side of the screen.

Please tell others of this if you will in the way you do. This is my request of you Mr. Elam, and I can never tell you all the more how when MRA’s gather for real it is so disarming and arming at the same time in the way that screen to screen will never know.

Keep well mate.

Like I said, there really is nothing I can add to this. It says it all perfectly. I don’t think we are very far away from the time that emails like this one will be common, and expected. Then the FTSU gets taken up to a whole new ball game.  Carry on, brothers. Give them hell.



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