AVFM News and Activism Show 2

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On this, the second edition of A Voice for Men News and Activism, we will be featuring as our guest you tuber Krazie316.  Krazie316 has been an active Youtuber since 2006 and has made over 200 videos – many of which covering Men’s Rights topics.  He is noted as being one of the most measured speakers on the subject of Feminism and Misandry.  James Huff will be conducting what is sure to be a very engaging interview.

Both Robert O’Hara and James will be giving you the MRM news of the week. It was a good news week indeed!  As always, after the news is covered and the interview is conducted we will then turn our attention to you, the caller.  Remember AVFM News and Activism is not just here for you to get the news, it is there to help you make news as well.  So call in, share your stories of activism and your ideas because this is the show where the MRM takes the fight to the fore and hits hard.

Showtime is 9pm eastern 6mpm pacific and the call in number is 310-388-9709.

Join us!



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