Perrins joins AVFM News team

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I have been making a number of announcements about AVFM staff additions in recent days. It’s a reflection of our growth, and of the energy that is beginning to spread through the MHRM.

Today, I take pleasure in announcing that Dan Perrins has taken the position of AVFM News Correspondent for Ontario, Canada. Dan has already been busy in the Hamilton, Ontario area, postering the living crap out of that city and accosting anyone on the street who might not have heard of the MHRM.

When asked what he looked forward to as an AVFM News correspondent, he answered, “Exposing misandry in my own back yard, speaking out against it globally.”

Dan’s appointment marks the first permanent provincial news coverage position on the AVFM team. With most countries in North America, Europe and Australia already covered, the addition of provincial, state and even city level news personnel over time will allow us to react directly and immediately to newsworthy events as they happen.

With that in mind, Perrins already has his first assignment. We are sending him to the University of Toronto early next month to attend and cover the lecture by Janice Fiamengo on feminist corruption in academe.

Our “Dannyboy” will be there representing AVFM, asking all the right questions, documenting events and exposing any attempts to stifle free speech – which we have every reason to believe is on the agenda of feminist ideologues at U of T.

Then he is going to put it all together and bring it here for you to read about and watch.

He is hitting the ground running as the AVFM News man in Ontario, with Toronto already in the crosshairs. Please join me in expressing thanks and giving him a hearty welcome.


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