Guilty if I say you are

Somewhere in North Carolina, a couple of college students had a shitty relationship that ended badly.  I know, I know.  Shock!  Let’s call them Jennifer and Brad.  Brad has a long history of mental instability, including a suicide attempt and eventually Jennifer got sick of his shit and dumped him.

Brad didn’t handle that very well.  He decided that Jennifer had, in fact, been abusive, and the abuse had only ever been HER being a total fucking jackass to HIM. Lacking any evidence of any kind, or any support from any of their mutual friends, Brad had no legs to stand on in terms of pressing criminal charges, so he took his complaints about what a bitch Jennifer is to the school Honor Court, which promptly threw Brad and his sorry little ass out, along with his complaints.

Oh gosh, well now Brad is super pissed!  He is not letting this one go.  Nope.  He’s been following Jennifer around campus, interfering with her classes and talking openly about their sexually, emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, which was all Jennifer’s fault.

It’s kind of obvious WHY Jennifer dumped this fucking moron in the first place, isn’t it?  Jennifer had way more tolerance than I ever would, but eventually, she too got sick of this shit and went to the Honor Court.  The Honor Court was not amused by Brad’s antics and is now threatening him with expulsion.

Basically, the Honor Court said “no, Brad, you do not get to follow your former girlfriend around talking about what an abusive psychopath she is without A SHRED OF EVIDENCE FOR THAT.  Did she beat the crap out of you?  Get yourself an assault conviction and then we’ll talk. Until then, shut the fuck up or get the fuck out”.

Brad is outraged!  He is attempting to raise awareness of domestic violence against men, and this is how the Honor Court reacts?  He is drawing attention to a very real problem and the big mean assholes on the court are telling him he needs EVIDENCE before he can carry out a smear campaign against Jennifer?

Well, clearly, that’s bullshit.  Jennifer is guilty because BRAD SAYS SHE IS.  What other evidence is required?

Oh now wait a second.  Oops.  I got that backwards.

It’s not Brad who is mentally unstable with a diagnosed illness, it’s Jennifer.  And it’s not Brad who has been following his ex-romantic partner around acting like an asshole.  It’s Jennifer.  She has openly been talking about the fact that Brad RAPED HER and she has a criminal conviction to prove that, the support of her friends, the backing of the school’s Honor Court, NO EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND TO PROVE THAT EXCEPT HER OWN OPINION.

Did Brad rape Jennifer?  Who the fuck knows?  Maybe.  But here’s the thing: justice rests on one assumption and one assumption only:


Jennifer has the support of Jezebel (surprise!), who truly believe that Jennifer absolutely has the right to follow Brad around campus harassing him and accusing him of a crime despite not having any evidence of any kind other than HOW SHE FEELS.

I wonder how Jezebel would feel if it were Brad following Jennifer around and informing all her potential new partners that she is, in fact, diagnosably mentally ill, a claim for which he has ACTUAL EVIDENCE?

This little story is exactly why men should have their anonymity preserved when they are charged with rape.  Accusers have long had anonymity, on the assumption that they have a right to privacy and that to be a known victim of sexual assault can have life altering implications.–human-right-High-Court-judge-Maura-McGowan-correct-says-Peter-Lloyd.html

As if being ACCUSED of sexual assault does not?

The Rape Culture™ crowd likes to claim that false accusations of rape are incredibly rare and therefore it is reasonable to assume that every woman that charges any man with rape is telling the truth.  The opposite of justice:  guilty until proven innocent.

False rape allegations are rare? Oh really?  Elizabeth Jones, who is only 22 years old, begs to differ.  She finally got jail time after ELEVEN FALSE ACCUSATIONS.


There are some lacrosse players at Duke who may have something to say about false allegations, too.


That lying little bitch is now up on murder charges, after her boyfriend was mysteriously stabbed.  This is AFTER she set her house on fire with her three young children inside.  Despite the fact that she is a lying bag of crazy, she still gets the assumption of innocence.

Women like Jennifer honestly believe they can drop the rape bomb on any man, anywhere, at any time and get a victim pass.  He will be assumed guilty and the mere threat of having the grenade of accusation go off is enough to keep most men silent in the face of a clear violation of justice.

I’m proud of the Honor Court at the University of North Carolina.  Let the bitches scream, your honors.  And let justice reign.

It’s really very simple:  if you are going to accuse someone of a crime, ANY CRIME, you’re gonna need some evidence to support that claim.

And no, cupcake, your FEELINGS are not evidence.

For anything other than your total lack of self-reflection or understanding of how justice actually works.  Back your shit up, bitch.

Or get the hell out.

Lots of love,


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