AVFM and NCFM join forces on men's college groups

The most important announcement ever from AVFM.

After several discussions with National Coalition for Men (NCFM) President Harry Crouch, I am happy to make an official announcement that AVFM is joining forces with NCFM for an initiative unlike anything the MHRM has seen before.
As recent events demonstrate, there is great need for the establishment of men’s issues groups at Western universities that are both focused on addressing all relevant issues to men and boys, including misandry, and that operate independent of any gender ideology.
We have also seen, as evidenced by the treatment of the Men’s Issues Awareness Group at the University of Toronto and the students at Ryerson University who are struggling to establish a men’s issues group, there is some significant resistance. Much of that resistance has been in direct conflict with the principles of free speech, free assembly and the open dissemination of ideas.
It is now evident that the most critical front for the advancement of men’s issues is the university campus.  And that is where we are going to go.
AVFM and NCFM are undertaking a cooperative plan to foster the establishment and development of men’s issues groups throughout Western academe. We will be offering assistance to interested students in writing charters, constitutions and organizing executive structures, as well as development of promotional materials designed to attract other students to their ranks and educate them about the issues. We will be extending financial assistance for printing and other associated costs.
We will be working in concert with and sometimes following the lead of Christopher J. Thompson, NCFM’s Campus Ambassador, who has already established an NCFM Chapter at Montana State University. Thompson plans to expand his efforts to other schools.
Since the events at the University of Toronto, I have been personally contacted by a professor at a major Western University and a student at a large Midwestern school, both of whom are interested in establishing men’s issues groups.
The important thing (of many important things) in the upstart and support for these emerging groups is that they have the support of individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of the issues, as well as a keen awareness of some of the difficulties they will face.
Regarding that, I have only the deepest admiration, respect and confidence in NCFM, with President Harry Crouch. Harry is the perfect alliance for AVFM, enabling us to push ahead with this initiative, and to do it correctly. He understands the issues as well as anyone alive, which is why he is at the helm of the oldest American men’s rights organization in existence.
Harry is also, like the editors, contributors and supporters of AVFM, an unabashed  and uncompromising advocate for men and boys. He also has no illusions about what the problems are and the kind of effort we need to undertake to address those problems.
I have said before that 2013 will be the year of the MHRM. I am more confident of that now than ever, though the road ahead is a difficult one. The forces of misandry are also accelerating, as is the strength of ideological governance.
We are not going to be deterred.
AVFM has grown at an incredible pace, from the relatively unknown status of a personal blog, to an influential and widely read publication hosting the most incisive commentary on the state of men and boys that has ever existed. We have effectively established, in our short history, that the podium is no longer the sole property of anti-male gender ideologues. That alone would have been considered impossible by many not so long ago.
But the time has come for a great step forward. Not only are we ready to take it, the fact is that we must. The unassailable and uncompromising message that men’s rights are human rights must be taken outside the online world and directly into the halls of higher education and beyond.
This is how we will begin.

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