Abortion, adoption, safe haven laws — and lies

This article is not a debate on abortion, adoption, or safe haven laws, whether these issues are right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust. This article is going to focus on how abortion, adoption, and safe haven laws are a very well entrenched and supported “opt out” for many women who use these tools by exercising their federally protected “choice card” to escape a unwanted pregnancy and how men are not afforded ANY tool to do so when we create children through recreational sex (Unless of course we cut parts of our anatomy and use condoms to decrease the level of pleasure in the act). Of course this debate is nothing new, it has been around for decades.
In fact, now that I think about it, this article isn’t even about abortion, adoption, or safe haven laws. It is about the phenomena of astounding numbers of men who are reported deadbeat fathers around the world; who created children and refuse to love or support their offspring, and who are denigrated and excoriated in doing so. Ah, if it was only that simple. I am actually a believer in the concept that politicians and many others actually like the fact that there is a huge pool of “deadbeat” fathers around the world because it makes for great fodder in attracting women’s votes and appearing to be concerned about the dear, poor children of the world.
Let’s face it, without deadbeat fathers, there would not be a lot of female victims for whom we need to create social services programs, employment, and funding. Sheriff’s departments and other law enforcement agencies couldn’t attract voters by listing men in their jurisdictions who are out on their yacht drinking champagne with a 20 year old blond bombshell named Bambie while their children are at home eating ramen noodles because dear ole dad won’t support them.
Let’s face it, deadbeat dads are big business and funding sources for politicians, judges, and feminist conspirators. Without a huge population of deadbeat dads, we would not have people generating statistics that set out to prove that men are by nature beasts who would rather have sex with their offspring than feed them and thus why women need to have custody of their children in all cases. And we sure as hell don’t need to include men in the concept of abortion, adoption, and safe haven debate to screw this up.
But having said this, is it really fair that we give women the abortion, adoption, and safe haven placement option and call her a good person and pro-choice, while calling men deadbeat fathers because they don’t have any tools to “opt out” of parentage aside from having a vasectomy or abstinence? How come when we go out at night and have a few drinks and forget to use a condom, we are held responsible financially for the results while women can abort, adopt out, or just hand the child over to a fireman and walk away no questions asked?
Consider this simplistic analogy: Take five Men and five Women, throw them into a mud pit, ask all ten to get out and then give the five Women a shower, soap, and a washcloth while giving the Men none of these. Then, after the Women are clean, present statistics to Congress showing that Women are cleaner by nature than Men. This is exactly what is happening with the relation to abortion, adoption, and safe haven laws and absent fathers.

Is Access To Abortion, Adoption, and Safe Haven Laws A Conspiracy To Keep Men Oppressed?

Hell No! I just added that header to make my writing more fluid so that I could continue to bitch about how our governments and feminist public policies hold men accountable for accidentally creating children we didn’t intend to create and who we cannot support, while making sure that women have the option of abortion, adoption, or safe haven laws to do just that.
What really pisses me off more than anything is the fact that we give women the option of abortion, adoption, and safe haven laws to protect children from mothers who may make bad decisions during pregnancy or right after a birth. Considering the decisions made by some mothers that endangers a child, this is a good thing.
A lot of women who have abortions and adopt children out are not ones who would hurt or make a bad decisions with highly vulnerable infants. They make those choices because they aren’t prepared to have a child, can’t afford them, or want to wait. Of course, nobody is keeping statistics on these women, but they damn sure are on fathers who aren’t prepared to have children, can’t afford them, or who want to wait.
Then they use these statistics to point out how bad or irresponsible men are. Again, I don’t have a problem with abortion, adoption, and safe haven laws if it is used to protect a child from a mother who may make a bad decision and hurt the child, and I guess I can understand how some may make the decision that they don’t want a child for which they weren’t prepared. But to give women this ability and then publicly excoriate and denigrate men who do the same is bullshit.
As I have done in just about all of my writing here on A Voice For Men, I again appeal to radical feminists on the planet to cut the patriarchal, dominant, everything-is-centered-around-making-sure-men-succeed-and-women-don’t  bullshit and get back to human rights and drop the sexual politics crap that is just designed to drive funding to your organizations.
What are your thoughts on this article without making this a right and wrong debate on abortion, adoption, and safe haven placement? Do you think men should have an out when we accidentally create children that we are not prepared to handle? Do you think that governments and professional feminist should be keeping numbers on fathers who can’t support their children, but who would implode at the suggestion that we expose women who have abortions or adopt their children out?

What If Women Didn’t Have Access To Abortion, Adoption, or Safe Haven Laws?

Aside from the safety issue, if women did not have access to abortion, adoption, or safe haven laws, do you think there would be just as many women on the planet who appeared to be bad people by not wanting to be with or support their children? Is it quite possible that the reason we have the appearance of good, nurturing, and loving mothers and a whole bunch of bad dads is due to the fact that women can hide behind these issues? If men had federally protected tools to end a pregnancy that was created accidentally, do you think there would be a huge population of dads who weren’t supporting their children?
We need the appearance that all dads are bad, and all mothers are good because this is how we drive public policy. The reality is, in all corners of this planet, there are very good fathers and mothers, and there are very bad fathers and mothers. But the feminists are not going to hear this. Such neutrality is not good for business. It does not drive anger, emotion, and funding to their organizations. They need bad dads, and abortion, adoption, and safe haven laws to make sure that only women appear to want children.
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