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If you have ever read The Prophet, by Khalil Gibran, you probably understand why the book has become so widely known and revered. Through an uncanny wisdom and skillful, efficient use of prose, Gibran deftly encapsulates many different aspects of common human experience and brings them into the light of understanding. In one small book, fitting easily into the palm of your hand, he cuts to the core of love, friendship, death, grief, marriage, law and other aspects of life that define our existence.  

Gibran is who comes to my mind when reading the comments of Andybob here at AVfM. Well, except Gibran never made me pass a mouthful of kung pao shrimp through my nose and onto my monitor.

Our Andybob, a resident prophet among the men and women of this site, has been placing comments here for quite some time. All of them are a cut above. Every last one.

Many of us have pleaded with him for ages to write feature articles, to no avail. It seems that Andybob writes when it strikes him to do so, in a format of his choosing, and prefers not to write more lengthy pieces for publication. Genius is often given to such peccadillos.  

And that is fine with us. We will take Andybob as he comes to us.

Also, there is no reason not to bring the mountain to Muhammad. Henceforth, we will occasionally be filling your screen with Andybob’s Corner, a select gathering of comments, all of which were select before we selected them, for a more condensed and intense Andybob Experience. With a word of appreciation for the maestro, we give you installment one. PE

Andybob on:


Rape Hysteria

Questioning the veracity of “rape awareness” must make those who live off it very nervous. One of the most difficult aspects for me to deal with is that most women seem to know that it is a manufactured issue. The behavior and demeanor of most women reveals no fear or wariness of men. Quite the opposite.

They embrace it because it ticks every box. It whips white knights into frenzies of do-gooding; it demonizes men as the source of all societal evil; and, it keeps all of that lovely tax moolah rolling in to combat the ‘epidemic’.

Most importantly, it enables women to wallow in the kind of self-pity they enjoy the most; the kind that permits them to lash out with outrageous accusations and abuse without conscience or consequence.

Rape Hysteria is the Pandora’s Box of feminism. It has unleashed the darkest and most perverse collective instincts of women – from their raw hatred of men, to their compulsion to destroy and corrupt all that is true and just. It is the incarnation of the pointless nihilism that is the heart and soul of the feminist movement.

Putting Rape Hysteria under a microscope will have feminists gunning for the MRM like never before because this is their Holiest of Holies. Reveal the web of lies at its core and you prove the depths which feminists will sink to create a hostile world for men – a world full of abusive alienation and hostile accusation.


on Lesbians and sexual politics

Lesbians barged into gay men’s spaces in droves jabbing their stubby fingers at everyone. Predictably, they proceeded to boss everyone around, making the gay rights movement about them. Note that homosexuality was a criminal offence for MEN ONLY. Lesbianism was never against the law. They had jackshit to whinge about, but they made gay rights about them anyway, and used it as a propaganda vehicle to support feminism.

Notice that GLTT became LGTT? How’s that for petty entitlement? Gay men should have fought back, but, to our everlasting shame, we didn’t. The only gay men who remained in GLTT were slimy political types seeking personal aggrandizement, zeta poodle carriers and moronic party boys who don’t give a shit about anything except the pattern on the umbrella in their drinks. Of course, the MSM focus entirely on this noisy, spangled disco version of real gay men like me: men who know exactly how greedy, relentless and downright shady those lezziefems are and don’t trust them one iota.


On Hypergamy

Hypergamy is feminism’s crazy cousin Ralph. No matter how much they try to ignore him and pretend he doesn’t exist, he keeps popping up plastered at family functions with $5 hookers in tow. Best to pretend he’s from the other side of the family.

We’ve all seen feminists scoff dismissively at the concept of male disposability. They find it laughably absurd. Not hypergamy. That charge makes their heads spin. Like cousin Ralph, it’s more polite to just ignore it.

Why? What is about hypergamy that makes feminists so uncomfortable?

The central tenet of second wave feminism was that lack of opportunities in the workplace forced women to seek financial security through marriage. Feminism was sold as the means by which women could cast off this ‘glorified whoredom’ and attain a measure of independence (which terrified the patriarchy and kept it up nights, or something).

For most people, this all rang true (except the patriarchy part) which is why it was such an easy sell. As Mr. Augen points out, all loving parents wanted to see their daughters well-provided for – as opposed to begging, whoring or being carted off to the Work House. They still do.

No worries. Lots of feminism will cure the world of hypergamy After all, women won’t want to commandeer someone else’s assets when they can earn their own – right?


Oh dear. It seems that feminism’s most noble claim turned out to be their biggest lie. Despite decades of feminist legislation and ruinously expensive programmes, hypergamy is actually more deeply emedded in our culture than ever before.

Nobody is more celebrated in our culture than the no-talent bimbo thrusting her siliconed assets at an admiring world as she clutches her clueless millionaire/tycoon/movie star/sports star. She is the strong, independent woman of today, making her own rules, grabbing the best-of-everything for herself while she can. Isn’t she great?

Poll females aged 15-25 for their role-models. It won’t be Marie Curie or Amelia Earhart. It’ll be Khloe Kardashian or Coco. Hypergamy is blinged-to-the-max and proudly in-your-face. Popular culture shamelessly panders to the hopes and apirations of women. Therefore, it is no surprise that every facet of it encourages them to view their lives as nothing more than a hypergamous adventure.

It is important to discuss hypergamy because it is the most accessible way to introduce the concept of male disposability. Public examples abound, and everyone is familiar with at least a few women they know who proudly express hypergamous aspirations.

Who cares if cousin Ralph makes Aunty uncomfortable? He’s family.


On Sasha Wiley aka Creepy Bittergirl

Like all self-dramatizing narcissists, this woman’s life is an extended performance which has been painstakingly crafted so that she resembles a radical feminist. Ms. Wiley is a poseur – or, as we say in Australia, a wanker.

Even her epic plainness is manufactured. Look closely. That mousy hair has been very subtly tinted. The secretarial glasses may suggest Women’s Studies major, but I know Prada when I see it. Check out the lacy bra-strap. Can you say sex-positive slutwalker?

I wonder how long she’s been rehearsing the “I feel like I’ve been wronged” speech. How it must have peeved her that her ‘concrete burn’ didn’t show up on camera any more than her swollen knee or ankle.

Her slam poetry was puerile and derivative – watered-down Plath. It was exactly the kind of tediously pedestrian trash that feminists with daddy issues have been spewing ad nauseum the moment Sylvia decided to get back at poor Ted. What a load of old shit.

I despise this creature for what she did to Mr JTO. That took a disturbing amount of arrogance and contempt. No-one deserves to be immortalized as Creepy Bittergrrl more than Ms. Wiley. Outstanding work.

When will Sylvia Plath finally materialize and tell indulgent no-talents like Ms. Wiley to stop ripping off her poetry? The Vancouver art scene deserves better.

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