AVfM Radio: Rape Culture

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We all know the score. Rape. That most evil of all crimes, a fate worse then death, the most appalling thing one person can inflict on another.

Well, let’s be honest here. It’s the most appalling thing a man can do to a woman, since other forms of rape either don’t exist or don’t matter.

But have we ever stopped to wonder what our beliefs about ‘rape’ say about us as a society? What if our conventional understanding of rape is a magic trick, a slight of hand designed to hide a deeper and more widespread rape, a rape of our very identities?

Join us, Typhonblue and Girl Writes What and JTO as we talk about rape… culture.

Radio show page: Rape Culture

Call In number for the show 310 388 9709
6 o’clock pm Pacific time, 8 o’clock pm Central


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