Feminists launch secret weapon!

As I do on occasion here, I am posting a video in the feature section. I post this one because it is important. As difficult and challenging as feminists like Rebecca Watson and Sasha Wiley can be, I was relatively secure in the fact that feminists did not have the mental stability, rhetorical acumen, or intellectual prowess to present a real problem for the MRM.

Until now.

I am worried people. It seems the feminists have either been conducting, or using proxy white knight scientists to conduct experiments on drugs that heighten intelligence and the ability to sway the opinions of millions of people. They have given some kind of drug in mass quantities to a male youtuber, and he now presents as perhaps the greatest threat the MRM has ever seen.

I will be calling an emergency meeting to go over strategy on how to combat this threat. In the meantime, please watch this video. I suggest a box a Kleenex at your side. We are in trouble with this one, folks.

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