An experiment in live blogging

[quote] Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ~ Chaucer[/quote]
We are going to conduct an experiment here at AVFM and you get to participate. We were pleased to report about a month or so ago that AVFM had finally broken in to the top 100,000 worldwide ranking on Alexa. I had no way of knowing at the time that I would be able to tell you so soon that we have broken into the top 50,000. Nonetheless, here I am, and we have. It’s a great place for us to be, thanks to your help.
Enough bragging, Paul, tell them about the experiment.
Michael Sharron, a Father’s Rights Activist and blogger has written several articles for us on the Landen Gambill matter in North Carolina. He also happens to be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.
SEO, as I am learning, is not always an exact science. I won’t go in to all the details (mainly because I don’t know all of them), but one thing that seems to be working well for some blogs (not all) is something called live blogging. It is a method to renew content on a single blog post by making the post interactive. In this case, the interactive part will be you.
Here is how it will work for the first post, which will be coming in just a bit courtesy of Michael:
You will be reading an article about a particular up and coming fembot, whose activities we would like to draw some public attention to. You will be invited to share your non-slanderous, well-reasoned and compelling thoughts on the activities of this person in the comments. Remember, think scalpel, not chainsaw. Anyway, as comments come in they will be selected for appropriateness and copied directly into the article itself, in real time, and then deleted from the comments.
Why does this help some blogs? Because Google comes Goog Goog Googling along here and there, looking through the content of the site. As the article itself shows new content, Google “notices” this and it theoretically scores a little higher, pushing that piece up in the search returns and ultimately having a positive impact on our Page Rank, which is very important long term.
It is just icing on the cake that this happens to fit in perfectly with the kind of activism we like to do around here. So we are killing two birds, and all that.
Each of these experimental posts (we are planning to do three at this point) will be highlighted at the top with one of these **blog** and a link back to this article for those that miss it.
And that is it. We get to see if live blogging will help AVFM grow even more, do some creative activism and you get to get your shots in where it might just count in a number of ways.
What’s not to like?
The first post will be coming out in just a little while.

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