Anne Stevenson: Huffington Post and Public Policy Bigot?

Anne Stevenson, a Huffington Post blogger and public policy consultant, wrote an article back in May of 2012 that I believe every man and every woman related to men needs to read.  I warn you, after reading it,  this article should be the reason you further dig your feet into the sand of the Fathers Right’s/Men’s Human Rights movement.  Anne Stevenson clearly represents the true vitriol that allows sites like the Huffington Post to influence public polices and agendas  clearly designed with gender politics centered around the “All Men Are Bad” mantra.

Before you dismiss this article as a angry, sexist woman who is just blogging to make money by writing salacious articles to drive people to the Huffington Post’s affiliate links,we need to understand who Anne Stevenson is and why she is so dangerous.
Here is her Bio from the Huffington Post:
“Anne Stevenson is a nationally acclaimed writer, policy analyst and advisor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Tufts University and is in the process of earning her Juris Doctorate. Stevenson’s experience includes working directly with various international, national and local leaders, government offices, law firms, campaigns, and nonprofit organizations to provide support, strategic advice and grant writing services to leaders seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of various publicly funded programs. Her featured interviews and commentary on politics, health and human services, disability rights, gender, employment, housing, and the justice system have appeared in numerous national news outlets and publications, including the Huffington Post, Washington Times, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, US Conference of Mayors, FOX, NECN, and others. Email:
As you can see, Anne Stevenson is not just some blogger.  She is a up and coming star in the radical feminist public policy network that is bound and determined to drive misinformation that will have serious implications for your sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers. This is one lady that we need to keep our eyes on folks.
In compiling this article there were so many words and thoughts to express to A Voice For Men readers of just how insane Stevenson is that I could easily have written for days. Bearing that in mind, it’s not so important what Anne thinks, but that she, and future employers, hears from men and women around the world how her brand of gender politics is a dangerous, destructive game. Her use of  rhetoric and links  to cherry picked statistics, from websites that exist to only to supply “credibility” to her position, is beyond dangerous.
I am asking readers of AVfM to read the article linked at the beginning of this post and then comment with your 4-5 sentence response.  Say what you think the world needs to know about Anne Stevenson and her Huffington Post article.  I will add it to the body of this post. We especially want to hear from women in our movement who have genuine concerns for their sons, brothers, and husbands. Once you have posted your comment and verified that I have added it, please contact Ms. Stevenson at her email address and send her a link to this living, growing document.

Anne Stevenson, Huffington Post, meet the Men’s Human Rights Movement

To Anne Stevenson, the Huffington Post, and future employers of Ms. Stevenson;  We, the readers of A Voice For Men, along with our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers resent and reject the fraudulent claim that only men are perpetrators of domestic violence while only women are victims. This destructive and deceitful propaganda abandons those  men, women and children who are victims of violent women for the sake of gender politics and money.
Your agenda denies every child being hurt by a mother, every husband hurt by a wife, and every woman in a same sex relationship hurt by her partner  while robbing the ability to identify and seek help for all abusers.  For every sick father that gains custody of a child, there is just as likely a sick mother gaining custody of a child. For every male batterer, there is a female batterer. Building public policy around gender stereotypes and politics might help  drive funding or make a name for journalists like Anne Stevenson, but it unnecessarily and callously dismisses those victims who desperately need to see their struggles reflected in our policies and their pain addressed with our compassion.
The time for misleading the public about this very important issue must come to an end. The time for an evidence-based, solution oriented approach is long overdue.
These are the men and women of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, and here are their thoughts on Huffington Post journalist Anne Stevenson:
Greg to Anne Stevenson:
S.47, the VAWA just signed by Obama into law, defines Domestic Violence as “any that causes emotional distress and using unpleasant speech.” Consequently all males are now perpetrators of Domestic Violence. Tell your readers Anne.
Also inform them that females slaughter their children three times more frequently than males.
You need to stop your propaganda Anne, and start speaking the truth.
James says:
What this blogger will never reveal on the Huffington Post is that in regards to who is doing the most Domestic Violence, the object is to to do away with ALL violence, not just the ones that are doing it the most to make a political or public policy statement. To publicize the amount of violence occurring at the hands of Men while overlooking violence from Women tells me that possibly Anne is not about ending violence, she is more interested in politics.
Peter Wright adds:

Have we not seen enough of radical feminism’s program of estrangement and alienation of fathers from families? Anne Stevenson’s new attacks and recommendations for the nation’s fathers would see them estranged from their families at precisely the time when society is working to create more father involvement.

Stevenson’s feminist ideology runs contrary to the attitudes of today’s women and men who have largely disavowed the feminist label due to its more concerning goals. With that in mind I can only assume and hope that Ann Stevenson’s employers and society at large will be mindful of her retrograde mission.
James Huff:
I think it’s telling that Anne Stevenson’s collectivist ideology would actually denounce the Clinton era Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. She is obviously making the attempt to swallow any social justice movement under the banner of feminism, something her sisters-in-arms have been fairly successful with over the last 40 years.
The Feminist MRA writes:
Anne Stevenson’s questionable academic credibility can be summed up in her latest peace on the Huffington Post; “Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children.” Not because the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services actually spends more on women’s issues and women utilize more social services and health care then men. Not because statistically the outcomes of custody disputes still favor women significantly more than men. Not because women receive lighter sentences and face less jail time than men. Not even because one of the stories she linked actually detailed that the foster *mother* was responsible for the abuse. Not even because doing away with gender-based funding incentives contradicts her position of supporting women against gender-neutral policies, but because her Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children only had 4 programs listed.
Declan Lyons says:
Having read your article ‘Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children,’ I’m astounded at your failure to not only recognize violence committed by women against men and children, but to also ignore the injustices which have arisen from myopic, gender-biased domestic violence legislation in a legal system which automatically favors mothers above fathers.
I’m talking about the kind of instance where Judge Lori B Jackson saw fit to remove Lt. Col. Joel Kirk’s children from his care and return them to their demonstrably violent mother, Tina Taylor Kirk.
You’ve made it obvious that you don’t hold Men’s safety as a priority, but if you truly care for the safety of children, as your headline suggests, you would be more concerned about violent mothers; who are the most likely people to kill their children.
From Grumpy Old Man:
As a child of the California family court system and father who endured this minefield years later, Anne Stevenson and the Huffington Post article projects a narrow one sided view which she backs up by dated references and Feminist bias. Fathers, mothers and especially children deserve better than what is portrayed here. If we truly want to get a better grasp on caring for our children we need to end this adversarial diatribe, get some people involved who do not have an agenda and move forward.
Says Knight Runner:
Finding an article full of misandry isn’t difficult. However this article wasn’t written by some anonymous blogger on some backwater web forum. This article was written by a person who is highly educated and well respected in her field and posted on the website of a well circulated publication. As such, I find it difficult to believe that she was unaware of her article’s high level of misinformation.
Disorderly Conduct writes:
For decades the feminist movement has held a monopoly over the politics of the left. While much of this power has been used to make legitimate strides towards gender equality, gender feminists like Anne Stevenson have abused it to advance women’s power without regard to the consequences; trampling Men’s rights, perpetuating gender stereotypes and silencing dissenting opinion that speaks out against this injustice. On behalf of all who believe in universal human rights, I urge anyone with the power to do so to deny Anne Stevenson and the Huffington Post the platform to spread her sexism and bigotry.
Suzanne McCarley writes:
I read it twice and I still have no idea what Stevenson meant to convey, beyond a very generic (and rather garbled) “Men are pigs.” I have seen better organized essays from grade school students, and I’m appalled by what Stevenson passes off as “citations.”
The strongest impression I got was that it was intended to test the theory that Huffington Post readers are gullible morons who gobble up any gibberish written by a ‘credentialed’ feminist with a keyboard.
This is truly bottom-of-the-barrel sludge, not remotely resembling journalism, and adhering to a pathetically low standard, even for HuffPo.
Andy Bob on the Huffington Post HHS Article:
A perusal of Anne Stevenson’s resume makes it clear that she is a professional feminist. This should serve as a warning to her readers that Ms Stevenson regards facts as nothing more than tools to be used to fashion a predictable man/bad; woman/good narrative.
Her feminist credentials also indicate that we can expect the usual chilling lack of concern for victims of female-perpetrated domestic violence. She will either haughtily deny the very existence of these victims, or dismiss their significance by relying on the well-worn feminist tactic of pretending that their numbers are negligible. This is a reprehensible lie.
The Men’s Human Rights Movement advocates for the fundamental rights of all people, regardless of sex, race, age, religion or orientation. In order to achieve our goals, it is imperative that the bigotry of feminist ideologues like Anne Stevenson be exposed, and its adherents sidelined from the public discourse on domestic violence as soon as possible, lest the issue be forever bogged down in the mire of corruption and self-serving political agendas.
AVFM Publisher Paul Elam says:
50 years of misguided governance by a system that fails to embrace documented research on domestic violence and instead serves an ideological and monetary agenda has resulted in families and lives destroyed.
Anne Stevenson is clearly on a career path to perpetuate and perhaps worsen the problem. Our families and our children deserve better than this.
The problems of family and intimate partner violence are complex and require thoughtful and informed attention.
Individuals like Anne Stevenson and her ilk are all but broadcasting their intention to exacerbate the problem.


We believe any organization that hires Anne Stevenson will not serve their image well given her efforts to be misleading  about serious public health issues in a way that ultimately brings harm to men, women and children. What her future employers need to realize is that gender politics is a double edged sword. Awareness of the accurate facts regarding domestic violence are finally starting to see the light of day, and a new, more encompassing paradigm, recognizing all victims and perpetrators, is beginning to emerge. We fully believe those organizations that continue to perpetuate destructive myths and ideologically driven agendas will fall on the wrong side of history, and the wrong side of public opinion.

AVfM and its growing body of  supporters will be following Anne Stevenson’s work regarding family and intimate partner violence and monitor her public statements and future employers actions very closely. We are  prepared to provide  measured, corrective responses to any further disinformation  on behalf of those men, women and children ignored by her ideology.
A Voice for Men’s editors encourages readers to extensively share this article with others on the major social networking sites in an effort to bring attention to the issues discussed in this article on Anne Stevenson and the Huffington Post.

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