A few more people to thank

Yesterday, Paul wrote a very nice New Years greeting in which he thanked many of the contributors and supporters of AVfM. I can think of a few people I would have added to that list, and I’m sure other readers would each have their own additions. Many people I would have liked to thank will remain anonymous for their own protection. They would be targeted and harassed by corrupt and amoral gender ideologues if they were named. Some might be subject to physical intimidation or violence.

But there is a group of people to be thanked who Paul neglected to mention, and whose ongoing activism in support of this site’s mission must be properly acknowledged.

I would like to thank the following individuals for their crucial participation in the ongoing rise and success of the men’s rights movement. These individuals are listed in no particular order, but each of them deserves far more than the short thank-you afforded in these few paragraphs.

Thank you to Mary Kellett. It was your dogged, relentless and wholly corrupt pursuit of Mr Vladek Filler which inspired the formation of the Judicial Activism Committee. Now that you’ve been recommended for suspension by the Overseers of the Bar in Maine, we aren’t finished with you or with your boss, Carletta Bassano. The relatively minor impact we had on the prosecutorial establishment in Maine was, for us, a warm up.

Thank you to Arthur Goldwag, and to the corporate and private supporters of Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center. Goldwag first listed AVfM as a hate organization, it led the rest of the world to look closely at us and our message. Previously, a significant fraction of the world had ignored the message of the men’s rights movement, and of this site. Mr Goldwag’s half-hearted attempt to fund-raise by holding up an unpopular human rights movement as his new boogeyman resulted in the critical and focused attention of a number of significant organizations, including Reason magazine, Forbes, Business Insider and the Nation.

Thank you to Amanda Marcotte, who continues to broadcast her own toxic vision, excluding the possibility that men are human, deserve compassion, human rights or anything except continued vilification, censure and cruelty. While no diagnosis can be made, Marcotte’s continued self identification as a feminist, coupled with her highly convincing sociopathy continues to demonstrate exactly the public cruelty and sadism this human rights movement opposes.

Thank you David Futrelle, for whom no lie is too depraved, and whose relevancy hangs entirely on flattering an audience of adult infants, telling them they’re victims, and providing a free pass to violent and mentally ill ideologues. Futrelle’s ongoing obsession with AVfM continues to be among the most reliable sources of AVfM’s growth and site traffic.

Thank you Sasha Wiley Shaw, (creepy bitter girl) whose public antics, fake injury and whose leadership and direction of groups of violent street thugs continue to provide fodder for satire, and an accurate public picture of the totalitarian, brutal, violent and blatant corruption of mainstream feminist ideology. Don’t stop Sasha, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you to Professor Pee-Zed Myers. Your continued doubling down as the public steward of an online cult of mentally disturbed, sociopathic adult toddlers continues to pay dividends to this movement. Your routine but inept swipes at the men’s rights movement have brought many in the secular community into beneficial contact with the MRM, and your utter inability to field a coherent, mature or consistent logical defense of gender-supremacist scorched-earth practitioners serves as a clear and ongoing warning to other academics who might otherwise believe in the public claims of feminism. Keep up your tap-dancing professor. Vaudeville is coming back, really soon, I’m sure.

Thank you Danielle Sandhu and Vanja Krajina, two violent and hateful individuals in Toronto whose public excoriation and absurd accusations against attendees of Dr Warren Farrell’s U of T talk further demonstrated the truth to the public of just how violent, hateful and totalitarian the gender ideology of feminism is, and how mainstream that hatred and violence is. Good work to Danielle, to Vanja and all their supporters and violent enforcers. Yo.

Thank you to Jezebel.com’s Kate-Harding, who likely without meaning to, revealed that mainstream feminists agree with at least a major fraction of the points argued by MRAs, but just cant get past their own hate of MRAs, and their ideological hatred of boys and men to support this movement.

Thank you to the Boston Globe’s Barry Nolan, who despite his best efforts to paint the men’s rights activists as violent or dangerous, can’t help be-clowning himself each time he tries to silence, shame or vilify elements of the MRM.

Thank you to the London Times’ Caitlin Moran, who in her efforts to portray a satirical “what if men had no reproductive rights” managed to exactly describe reality, only substituting a gambling debt for the state-enforceable onus to finance a woman’s unilateral reproductive choices. But don’t worry Caitlin, only humans should have rights over reproduction, and we all know men aren’t human.

Thank you Rebecca Kamm of the New Zealand Herald, who in her efforts to oppose male reproductive options, pretends publicly that a male birth control pill is for women, and that men can’t be trusted to take it. Ignoring that men taking a pill is for their own control over their fertility and fear mongering to deny men’s basic human rights makes fantastic fodder for satire Rebecca. Keep up the hate, lies and bigotry.

Thank you Taslima Nasreen, a fraudulent human rights activist whose sickening but populist public hate is likely to foster more violence, rape and female-targeted acid attacks as her sycophantic radical-feminist enablers congratulate themselves and her for correctly identifying that men are all regressive murder machines. Keep writing Taslima, the world needs to see your ideology clearly to dispense with it, and with you.

Thank you Frida Ghitis, the CNN columnist whose naked hate was published under the entire-sexual-demographic-demeaning title:  “Are Men Stupid?” Ghitis’s observation of a male-sexuality hostile world concluded that having or expressing sexuality must be a signal of idiocy, while missing entirely the glaring public zeitgeist demonizing male sexuality and identity. Well done Ghitis, you made the list too.

Thank you to Kyle Bachan who noted in an attack on the men’s movement are reluctant to colaborate with feminist organizations. Thank’s Kyle for omitting the reason for this relucatance, particularly that these organizations persistently attempt to censor, silence, vilify, accuse, threaten, , deny the human rights of men, or who call for the world wide murder of men and boys. Keep punching Kyle.

Thank you Steven Fisher, the Australian male feminist whose white ribbon campaign is the spiritual inheritor of the white feather campaigns used to shame men into dying in the trenches of the first world war. Your toxic and depraved pledge which you coerce, and shame men to deny their own human rights has earned you a special thank you.

Of course, there’s many more who belong on this list, too. And I’d like to have the time to thank all of them, but like everyone else at AVfM, I have a lot else to attend to.

For those mentioned, and for many not mentioned. Our goals are compassion, and also justice, and we will not stop. Those in opposition to the human rights of men and boys likely have reasons. For some, it might be fear of loss of funding, for others ideology might drive your hate and violence. We will not stop, and we will come for you with the cleansing light of public accountability. But don’t stop what you’re doing, don’t even slow down. The thank-you issued to some by name, and to many more whose names weren’t mentioned is not a sarcastic gratitude. We love you. Your conduct, and promotion of hatred and promotion of violence is what drives the need for this movement. Keep it up.

And if you think you deserve personal recognition you didn’t find in this short thank-you note, I apologize. But it’s easily rectified. Just bring yourself to our attention. Demean the rights of boys, or excuse or justify violence, murder or sexual violence when it’s committed by women. Those of you who have advocated for eugenics by sex, or bragged in public about silencing those who work for human rights. Those of you who have heaped scorn on men and boys who have killed themselves. Those who have publicly excused or even praised the rape of children by their teachers. And those who have given a pass to the murders of infants by their mothers. We’ll thank you by name too.

Ultimately, we’ll be coming for every one of you.

Happy New Year.

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