New Year's wishes from AVfM

I have some New Year’s Wishes to express, but first some very sincere thanks to offer for who I think are some very remarkable people.
Most of these people, in one way or another, are associated with AVfM. All of them are assets to the men’s movement. You will have to bear with the long list. But, hey, it is not my fault so many great people have joined our ranks. My only real concern is that I do not leave anyone out.
My deepest gratitude goes to the following people. There is no particular order, save the first person on the list.
To Angry Harry, for inspiring me to believe that the internet could be used to challenge cultural misandry, and for the hours of counsel, guidance and wisdom. And for tolerating the occasional chip on my shoulder.
To John the Other, for never quitting; for never surrendering. For paying the price to do what he believes in. I am one of the few that knows what that price has been.
To Dr. Tara Palmatier, for taking a courageous stand to deliver mental health services to men where they are needed most; for anteing up when it hurt to do so. And for being my friend.
To Dean Esmay, for his tireless work on the Judicial Accountability Committee, and importantly for having his eye on the future of AVfM and playing such a pivotal role in shaping where we are going.
To Alek Novy and team. Let us never forget that this fantastic website, and all the technical work that goes into it, is a gift for men and boys across the globe.
To James Huff, for taking over the production of AVfM radio programming without anyone asking him to do it, and for doing so many other things behind the scenes. James is an important part of this movement.
To Stu, for a ton of support; for constant fresh thinking and for giving me a place to vent and laugh at 3:00 in the morning when I needed it.
To Robert O’Hara, for leading the way on some of the more major news items of our times, including the coverage of Radfem and the circumcision drive in Africa. For putting his feet on the pavement and taking the message directly to places like the CATO Institute.
To KARMA MRA MGTOW, for demonstrating what one man can do, over and over.
To Dr. F, for providing us with compelling graphics and artwork that serve as a valuable tool to get our message across. For administering the AVfM forum with a firm understanding of what our needs are in that venue, for Andy Vanders and Loy Finley and the desperately needed laughs that come with them. And for the entertaining works of fiction that all too infrequently find a home here.
To Roger O Thornhill, for the great graphic artistry and his unending willingness to take on projects at a moment’s notice. For following through on all his promises.
To Girl Writes What, for creating hope and thunder.
To TyphonBlue, for giving us a way to articulate the exchange between modern men and women that we did not have before.
To Jade Michael, for the gift of music.
To Steve Berkimer, for quietly ensuring that our materials are distributed across the globe.
To Harry Crouch, for his words of counsel and experience, and for years of unending work on behalf of men and boys.
To Peter Lloyd, for breaking through the lace curtain of the mainstream media as an unapologetic MRA and for unselfishly bringing AVfM with him.
To Dr. Greg Canning, for more things than I can possibly list here.
To Keyster, for challenging me to think with intelligence and respect.
To Eric Duckman, for taking it to the streets. For not backing down. For not even slowing down.
To Dannyboy, for the very same thing. For being what an MRA looks like.
To the Wooly Bumblebee, for not mincing words, and for starting A Voice for Boys.
To Lucian Vâlsan, for pushing his way in and adding a vital component to the international make up of this movement.
To Piece Harlan, for being a personal hero as well as one hell of an advocate for the wrongfully accused.
To Factory, for staying with us, and for having our backs when the pressure comes for us to soften.
To Robert St. Estephe, for giving us our history; for setting the record straight.
To Andyman, founder of MRALondon, for putting the A in activism across the pond.
To Vladek Filler, for having more guts than any man I ever saw.
To Nurdy Dancing, for being a friend to the movement and a badass.
To Suz, an MRA whose work does not get near enough recognition. I would say more, but I will let it wait for her interview with Dean Esmay on the Honey Badger Files.
To Aimee McGee, another friend across the pond who writes for us from time to time, but who also takes her ideas into real world settings with other MRAs at MRALondon.
To someone I cannot name, who has ensured our economic survival over and over again.
To Erin Pizzey, for a lifetime of courage and dedication.
To B.R. Merrick, TDOM, Andybob, Codebuster and the far too many to name absolutely brilliant and gifted writers who have graced these pages with their work and their forward thinking.
To my partner, Stacey, who has stood behind me and behind AVfM from Day 1, even in the early days when she did not fully understand.
To all the men and women who are out there doing this work.
And finally, with a great deal of fear that I may have left anyone out, to you, the readers and supporters of AVfM and the MRM. You are the community that creates a home for the men and boys we serve; you are the reason we are making it happen.
I wish you and yours the very best in 2013 and beyond.

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