Real men are disposable, so says Maria

Disclaimer: The article by Lucia Maria referenced here[1] is so insanely disgusting that it may be deliberate satire. Unfortunately, due to it’s similarity to standard social conservative rhetoric, I cannot tell the difference. ~JtO

Lucia Maria recently explained in her January 13 article that grown-up men should quit trying to have human rights, and go back to dying for her convenience. Maria is a blogger for the traditionalist conservative New Zealand blog nzconservative.

According to Maria, men arguing for the non-disposability of males are the equivalent of children. This comes in response to my recent assertion that the majority of women in Western culture are socialized to buy into an ideology of victimhood. The New Zealand blogger uses quotation marks to attribute a conclusion to my article which it doesn’t contain. “Women need to grow up.” These are Lucia Maria’s words, attributed to me.

Why is that statement in quotes, Lucia? It’s not taken from my article. I didn’t know this was allowed in real journalism. It’s similar to what I was saying, true, but a change in wording also changes meaning. Perhaps the actual conclusion in the piece she referenced was too complex, and she’s simplified it for readers of lesser comprehension.

Here’s the last paragraph in full:

“As a humanist, a small L libertarian, and a men’s rights advocate, I strongly disagree with this absence of individual agency in women. My relatively new understanding of culturally induced infantilism does provide a explanation of what previously appeared deeply malicious behavior. I also hope for and encourage women, self identifying feminists or not, to grow up.”

Some of the context can be inferred, but I encourage those interested to consider the article as it was written, not as re-phrased by a critic in efforts to field a flimsy straw man.

However, this simplified message leads Maria to explore the nature of adulthood. Stating the case for confused and selfish men’s rights bloggers such as myself, she explains. Also, Maria, I’ve included your exact words here, so you can see how a quotation works. You’re welcome.

“A grown up is a person who does not put their needs, wants and desires first. They are more interested in looking after those they are responsible for than looking after themselves, even to self-sacrifice. In short, they die to themselves so that others might live.”

I think Lucia Maria has it backwards; an adult is an individual who takes responsibility for themselves.

By contrast, a parent is responsible for their child, but a person required by convention or law to put another person’s needs before their own well-being, to the extremity of self sacrifice or death, that’s what most people would call a slave.

The author doesn’t leave much room for doubt about who are deemed lesser human beings in her rhetoric, or in the accompanying illustrations. In her article, an included drawing titled “the weaker sex” depicts four women poking a finger-sized man with a knitting needle.

If men are to be counted as “grown up” in her cosmology, voluntary disposability is what Maria expects. Strangely, she seems to miss the connection that in demanding men indulge in fatal self sacrifice, the same standard doesn’t apply to women. No men’s rights writing I know of makes a demand of female sacrifice of life. For Lucia Maria, however, this is a major criterion of manhood.

Prior to her idiotic and self serving conception of adulthood, she also exalts men getting themselves killed to benefit corporations, bankers and other royalty. Oh, and women too. This is my rephrasing of Maria’s language, which if quoted directly states:

“Men obviously don’t go out to fight in wars because women are poking them with knitting needles, they go out to fight because they love us and their families and will do what it takes to protect us and what they value.”

As a member of the disposable sex, the attribution of motive in this claim appears mistaken at best. Men’s socially permitted conception of self has traditionally been one of disposability. In fact, men with the personal strength to declare themselves humans of value besides their disposable utility to women or royalty have traditionally been shamed into the fatal self sacrifice of soldiery. Maria’s self serving statement in support of male death in wartime makes some big assumptions. “[men] will do what it takes to protect us and what they value.”

What if they value their own lives? I’m sure you value yours, Maria, just as I value my own, but is a woman’s life objectively more valuable than any man walking past you on the sidewalk?  Does a man who makes the choice to protect himself before self serving ideologues cease being an adult or a “real man”? What about a man who values his own life ahead of a society who devalues his humanity but enforces his utility as a labor and sperm dispenser, and violence absorber? The answer is obvious.

Unfortunately for those accustomed to benefiting from the willing sacrifice of others, the game of control through attempts at shame is of diminishing effect. Within the men’s rights movement as well as outside it, men worldwide are waking up to the facts that despite an increasingly urgent public imperative to “man up,” in the real world men die earlier than women, they comprise 93% of workplace deaths, 90% of the homeless, 75% of suicides, and the majority of the victims of violent crime. Men worldwide are waking up to this reality just as they come under increasing public demand for service, sacrifice, protection by those denying male humanity, but demanding male disposability.

A broader list of issues is hosted here on AVfM, just in case anyone gives a fuck about reality outside an approved and sanitized narrative where women are always the victims.

The urge to silence and marginalize human beings opposing their own escalating legal disenfranchisement is hard to describe without strong pejorative. The exhibited effort to reinforce the disposability of a segment of humanity in defense of the privilege provided for by that same human damage is so naked in Lucia Maria’s posting that the article could pass easily for satire. Sadly, she is in deadly earnest when she declares that, for men, being a grown up amounts to a willingness to die for her convenience.


Addendum: If you’ve arrived on AVfM from an attack article opposing this site or the views expressed here, the following several articles should provide you additional fuel. Enjoy.

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