Supreme Court to hear father’s rights case

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A New York lawyer by the name of Leon Koziol received notice on August 15th that his petition for writ, a legal document submitted to Appellate and Supreme Courts to argue a hearing in front of the full court, was to be given consideration. This marks the first time that an activist/lawyer who champions fathers rights and divorce and family court reform will be given any consideration at all by the United States Supreme Court.

In his petition he documents the events surrounding his divorce and activism. He described instances of document tampering and “star chamber” hearings which harmed his reputation and his relationship with his children. His argument invokes the First and Fourteenth Amendments and his challenge to the court is that these proceedings violated his right to free speech and his right to equal justice under the law.

Excerpt from his blog:

“On August 15, 2011, the Supreme Court of the United States submitted notice to civil rights advocate Leon Koziol that his petition for a writ has been accepted for consideration under docket No. 11-185. The petition will now undergo a review to determine whether the case will be heard by the full court. A vote of four justices is needed to make this occur.

The case is based upon Mr. Koziol’s four year ordeal at the hands of state disciplinary agents retaliating against his campaign for reform in state domestic relations courts. Specifically, after 23 unblemished years as a successful trial advocate in federal and state courts, Mr. Koziol became victim to fabricated charges designed to suppress protected activities under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

The petition is a fascinating read for human rights victims and those who have been abused in divorce, custody and support courts. It has all the ingredients of a John Grisham novel, and it actually seeks protection for lawyers who pursue admirable causes for the people. Through vague code provisions and substandard prosecutions, good lawyers are easily removed from the profession when they take on litigation against powerful government officials.

Leon Koziol is asking all of his supporters and followers to read his petition and pass it on to those who may be of assistance, i.e., media contacts, authors, intervenors, columnists and benefactors to help fund this vital cause. Without the good guys among those practicing law, the people will continue to be fleeced of their resources through orchestrated family controversies that are collectively harming the health, productivity and heritage of an entire nation.”

His (links provided in the excerpt) thoroughly documents what appear to be clear violations of his freedom of speech as well as due process of law and equal treatment under the law. AVFM will continue to follow this case.


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