A Valentine for Vagicons

In case “Birth of Vagicon” hasn’t yet prompted people to throw a brick through my window I thought I might recap with an examination of a reviewof sortsof The Man Whisperer written by Candice M. Giove over at the New York Post.
I haven’t read it and I can tell you right now that there’s a greater chance of me being used as a fist puppet by an extra-terrestrial specimen handler than of ever cracking its cover. This, despite the fact it’s gotten rave reviews over at Amazon (really, what better reason not to read a book than when it gets rave reviews from the hoi poloi at Amazon) and I don’t want to risk corneal hives reading a soap-opera diatribe on what women are supposed to think of men and how this infotainment can be used to manipulate them.
Ladies—and gents—if you can’t relate to other members of our species without manipulation may I suggest that for your peace of mind and the sanctity of your soul you give them a wide berth. Unless of course, your motive for engagement is not relationship or connection but use. Just make sure after consuming to deposit the empty husk in the appropriate recycling bin and do your bit for our planet.
Fortunately, I don’t need to read The Man Whisperer, Giove’s done it for me. Here’s what she got out of it:
The dating-advice duo behind “The Man Whisperer” book promise in their step-by-step guide that getting your guy to follow your every command involves shedding feminism—part-time…
Cathy, 34, and Chris, 35, often take turns picking up the tab. So she tried to Man Whisper her way out of the check on her night to pay.
Men are hardwired to solve, protect and pleaseand dig appreciation, the authors said. Before heading to dine at Rosie O’Grady’s, Cathy gushed about her eagerness for the outing.
At the restaurant, she savored steak and he feasted on seafood. When the $95 check arrived, Cathy simply showed appreciation and zipped it.
He paid without discussion.
So, by turning feminism “off” a woman can get a man to do her bidding and balance a ball on his nose like a trained seal. Honey, I hate to be the one to break it to you… this manipulation is feminism. It doesn’t matter how you package it, treating men in terms of their utility to women instead of as subjective agents with autonomous desires and needs whose first duty is not to you but to themselves, their progeny, and to the civilization that protects and nurtures all of us, is feminism.
Our preocupation with feminist entitlement has wreaked much damage. Last time I checked, forests all over the planet were begining to wither and die, the end result of men employing technology to keep women in every conceivable and superficial creature comfort, while Western governments are in a tail-spin thanks in large part to marxist-feminist inspired multiculturalism. Witness that the most feminist of Western democracies, Sweden, has changed its constitution without consulting its own people to allow non-citizen immigrants to hold high office like national prosecutor, evidence of a general anti-Western trend seen throughout the world. As immigrants flood that country and root like weeds they’re raping women in record numbers giving Sweden the highest per-capita rate of female rape in Europe. Muslim men, of course, are not to blame because they do not provide the kind of cautionary example that antirational multiculturalism craves: we oppress them as we do our women. Bad boy, bad. Play dead.
Oh, and thanks to Julian Assange’s Wikileaks site—you know, the guy feminists have falsely accused of rape—we now know that Al Qaeda are close to possessing nuclear and biological weapons which they will not hesitate to use on the feminist West.
There’s likely little that heterosexual men can do about it however, since they’ve been demoted to fetching candy and flowers for their mistresses and their reward for showing a bit of wood when women scratch their tummies is the doghouse, I mean, prison.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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