University of Toronto hosts Dr. Janice Fiamengo

University of Toronto about to be tested on sexual politics and free speech.

It is just a matter of hours now until Dr. Janice Fiamengo will be making her presentation about feminist academic corruption at the University of Toronto. For those catching up, AVFM News Ontario reporter Dan Perrins will be making the event, with another MHRA. It is also evident from the comments here and elsewhere that there will be several other Canadian MHRAs in attendance.
I recently posted some commentary about this event, including some suggestions for how members of the University of Toronto Student Union should conduct themselves as compared to their violent and abusive actions at the last event.
It is not that I expect them to react reasonably to my suggestions, but I did want my current concerns over their potential for violence at this event to be a matter of public record in advance.
The Fiamengo talk, hosted by the University of Toronto Men’s Rights Group, part of the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), is going to be markedly different this time as compared when Dr. Warren Farrell presented there last November.
This time, MHRAs will be there, prepared to document what happens as well as attend the event. We will, in effect, be monitoring the actions of people known to violently suppress free speech and will report any such actions, and if possible ascertain and publish the identities of such individuals on the pages of this website.
That being said, there are some precautions I want to encourage in the strongest possible terms to any MHRAs, whether or not affiliated with AVFM. The first is to consider that one possible tactic that may be employed by feminist ideologues at the school is to have one or more of their lap poodles (thank you, James) present themselves as an MHRA and do something provocative or illegal, false flag fashion.
For that reason I suggest that you not take anyone on face value as an MHRA unless they are known to you. I don’t want any real MHRAs to get sucked into the position of even standing next to or being seen “with” someone who does something stupid or violent.
While this may seem to fall on the side of hypervigilance, there are three reasons in particular I am urging you to take the concern seriously.
One, the University of Toronto Administration clearly thinks there is a possibility of trouble from the same crowd who disrupted the last event. The following statement was forwarded to me. To the best of my knowledge it comes directly from CAFE.

The University of Toronto has shown their strong commitment to our organization’s freedom of speech by providing us complimentary use of a beautiful theatre venue at a location they feel will be less vulnerable to the negative actions some of our critics took as a response to our last event.

If the university administration is taking the potential threat seriously, there is no reason we should not.
The second reason is history. The University of Toronto Student Union has an established track record of organizing and executing illegal and violent resistance to free speech when it conflicts with feminist doctrine.
Additionally, they have demonstrated that they are completely unrepentant about their actions. In fact, they have sought to demonize any criticism of their conduct, laying blame on their victims and retaliating against them. Just as we know when individuals behave in this fashion they are more likely than not to repeat bad acts, the same holds true with organizations. UTSU has given us every reason to believe they cannot be trusted on any level.
Third, the lies have already begun.
As some of you have already seen at this article from, the writing reeks of a potential for a set up. The writer attempts to demonize Dr. Fiamengo as a racist and Islamophobe, asserts that CAFÉ is “targeting university students,” and claims that AVFM is a “U.S.-based misogynist hate site.”
The writer makes sketchy, wildly unsubstantiated “axis of evil” type insinuations that we are all somehow connected, which is patently untrue. AVFM has no affiliation at all with CAFE or Dr. Fiamengo.
The point here is that if they can “document” an MHRA doing anything remotely questionable at this presentation, they will spin it to form an indictment of everyone involved; even those, like AVFM, who have no official involvement at all.
I am betting they have operatives that are looking to seize or even create an opportunity of that kind.
So my suggestion to anyone attending this event is to be careful of any friendly strangers.
Also, you may be subject to harassment. It is designed to get you to do something reactionary. The solution? Don’t provoke or allow yourself to be provoked.
For that I refer you again to the last protest. If you are going, watch this video again and note the reactions of the young men who were being harassed, bullied and abused as they tried to attend. Their conduct was exemplary and beyond reproach. Their refusal to react to hostility with hostility only served to accentuate and underscore the disgusting nature of the protestors at the event.
Remember, when there is an earthquake, don’t be Haiti, be Japan.
ABR. Always Be Recording. What was that, Paul? I said

Always Be Recording.

The video by Studio Brule was devastating to UTSU in the realm of public perception. The unblinking eye of the camera and the soundtrack captured every bit of invective, all the flying spittle and all the hatred emanating from their group — in high definition. The video of it went viral. UTSU tried and failed to have it removed from YouTube.
If at all possible, don’t be there alone. See Dan Perrins when you get there for help with buddying up. He will be arriving early. Make sure that at least one, preferably both of your team has the capacity to record video, and, again, ABR.
If you are part of a team stay close enough to communicate and far enough apart to shoot video that will capture the context surrounding your partner.
If there is trouble, GET A SAFE DISTANCE FROM IT and call or otherwise notify police for assistance.
An official word from management here. Dan Perrins is the only person attending this event that can speak officially on behalf of AVFM. You can help us with this. There may be media present there. If anyone is approached regarding AVFM by reporters, please refer them to Dan. Those interested can contact Dan through his Youtube Channel inbox here.
Above all, stay safe and watch your back. If the UTSU has managed to find a few brain cells (in lieu of common decency), they may well conduct themselves appropriately, or not show up at all. Perhaps the sting of FTSU has encouraged them to do that. That would be great, but we cannot count on it. Look at that video and remember the kind of people you are dealing with. Vanja Krajina was not the exception in this crowd, she was the rule. The people attacking police were the rule. The people blocking doors and acting like thugs, real thugs, not “gutless Texan thugs,” were the rule.
If they get out of line, document it and pass it our way if you like, or place it on another internet venue. We’ll find it and we will have it up and running on the quick. But don’t try to reason with them or get them to calm down or change what they are doing. They will only become emboldened and more agitated.
Remember, these are ideologues that are shocked by the reality that the discourse on sexism is no longer their sole property. They are starting to hear, for the first time, the things you have been hearing and saying for years and it absolutely terrifies them. Such is the surrender of power and privilege, just as it was expressed last November.
If there are more suggestions, please put them in the comments here. I tried to think of everything I could, but I am sure I must be missing some things.
And to those of you going, have a great time. Show them what men’s rights really looks like.

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