Eve Ensler's dance of fools

Eve Ensler, the feminist who gave vaginas a voice because women speaking from their mouths was apparently not enough, recently tried to get one billion women to dance to end violence against women with an event she called One Billion Rising. Last time I checked dancing was not one of the moves taught in a self-defense class, but I digress.
Her attempt to organize a billion women to shake their booty on Valentine’s Day was apparently not very successful, with only a few hundred women joining each different venue for the event around the world.
The One Billion Rising event was inspired by a UNFPA estimate that one in every three women will experience violence during her lifetime, meaning well over a billion. Of course, an empirical peer reviewed paper demonstrating this data is not cited or mentioned by UNFPA. What a surprise.
Still, Ensler’s activism extends beyond shaking her booty in a half-assed attempt to stop violence against a billion women. Recently she’s been drawing connections between “the violence that men perpetrate against women” and “the violence that fossil-fuel companies perpetrate against the climate and all of us who depend on it”.
Yes, that’s right. Eve Ensler is now drawing a connection between violence against women and “violence against the planet.”
In a recent interview on the website Grist, Ensler said:

You’re destroying women and undermining women and raping women and disempowering women – there seems to be a pressing rape mentality, which has to do with the powerful getting what they [men] want at the expense of the person they’re taking it from, without an awareness of reciprocity or mutuality. And that seems to be how we’re treating women, as well as how we’re treating the earth. It’s the same mindset.

No you are not hallucinating. Ensler is now claiming that men not only rape women, but that they rape the earth as well. And I thought I had heard it all when it came to the bullshit that feminists love to dream up in order to vilify men. Apparently I underestimated their capacity to draw imaginary connections between anything and the evil menz.
But of course she does not stop there. She goes on to say:

The connection between mining [in the Congo], for example, and violence against women – women’s bodies are now on the front lines, being raped and destroyed for the purposes of mining. When mines become militarized, where everything is militarized, escalation of rape and sexual violence occurs, but in the case of the Congo, this has been methodical, this has been intentional and systematic.

Yes Eve. The men decided to open a mine and militarize it just so they could rape and abuse both the earth and women at the same time. Two birds with one stone and all that, right Eve? Well at least the men are efficient and decided to save time by combining two tasks into one. Props to them for that.
She finishes her interview with Grist by saying:

We’re bringing boys up who don’t even understand that they’re being violent when they’re being violent, because it’s become so ordinary.

Of course Eve, because everything a man does is violent in your world. A man can’t sneeze without someone like you screaming “abuse”.
Perhaps the next time a man passes gas we can accuse him of abusing the ozone layer and your nose at the same time? Oh wait, best not to give Eve any more ideas, lest she begin an event calling for women to crazy glue men’s ass cheeks together in an effort to save both the Earth and women — since the whole dancing thing was a massive flop.

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