This You Have to See

Straight from the “I could not possibly make this shit up,” department.  This video shows men being assaulted en masse by women aboard a train in Delhi NCR’s Gurgaon area, India, for entering a “woman only” car when the rest of the train was full.  It reeks of a “back of the bus” mentality, and a state apparatus that is perfectly prepared to see it carried out on its own citizenry.

Worse, it appears at the end of the video that some of the men were ordered to do squats in retribution for their transgression, and to further their humiliation.

And they fucking did them!

This will go into the files to be rerun at next years Bash a Violent Bitch Month, in October of 2011.

Since I need to point it out for the mentally unemployed, Bash a Violent Bitch Month is not advocacy for unprovoked violence.  It is self defense advocacy for men who are treated exactly the way you see happening in this video.  These women are openly assaultive because they know they can act with impunity, and for no other reason.  And these men are role modeling life as punching bags and door mats for their children.

Bash a Violent Bitch Month is a satirical title, but addresses a very serious subject.

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