Statement from Erin Pizzey


Statement from Erin Pizzey on Behalf of MRA London

Greetings to all at AVFM,

I have accepted an invitation from Andy Thomas to become the first Patron of MRA London. It is several months now since I began to work with A Voice for Men and it pleases me immensely to see that they support Andy unequivocally as their representative in the UK. With both organisations now in place I feel as if I have come home. It is very important that men and women can join together to halt the damage that has been done across all Western countries to destroy the family, men and boys.

We recognize that there is an enormous job ahead of us — for so many years now feminists have been able to demonize men under an artificial argument that would have people believe that the so called ‘patriarchy’ is responsible for all the violence in our societies. Now there is sufficient evidence that both men and women can be equally violent in their personal relationships and for years men and boys have been held to ransom and lived in the knowledge that they are dispensable and shamed.

With new scanning techniques it is now possible to see the damage done to small children who are marinated in violence while still in the womb, only to be born into a violent and dysfunctional home. The scans show the obvious damage to the child’s brain and we know now that those children are doomed to grow up and repeat their parents anti-social behaviour, unless therapeutic help is put in place for them. I have always said that the feminists lied about the roots of violence because they were looking for a ‘just cause’ and funding. So far they have been successful and they have created a billion dollar industry that has circled the globe.

My hope is now that I am in my seventies, the twenty first century will see men and women standing shoulder to shoulder to work together to actively take on the feminists and to prove that domestic violence had never been a gender issue. For forty years this evil empire has had their way, but no longer. I believe that MRA London and A Voice for Men are ready to make international changes and my wish is that we find other people who are willing to join us.




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