Psychiatrist defends drugging my child

Just letting all know that I released a new Youtube video of a meeting with the child psychiatrist who drugged my child with Geodon, w/o telling me.

This video is little more cerebral and less obviously shocking than the last video I posted, after all it is with a psychiatrist who learn how to moderate their conversation.

But the subdued affect of our meeting understates the violence being done to my child, by drugging her with a substance not approved for use in children, only for adult schizophrenia, and that causes Parkinsons disease in 20% of people treated it, among other horrible ‘side’ effects.

Please all view and give me your comments, and share the link on to all you know who might be interested.

Editor’s Note: For those who’ve been following this story, there’s more background in Missing Anya –DE.

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