MR-E helps establish Men’s Rights Calgary

On Labour day long weekend, members of Men’s Rights Edmonton took a road trip to Calgary Alberta, where we met with local MRAs and helped establish MEN’S RIGHTS CALGARY. That’s right, Alberta is now host to two real world men’s rights activist groups. Fuck yeah!

MR-E is currently working with the members of MR-C to help them find their legs and get their website ( up and running. We hope to have that website online very soon.
Out of sheer coincidence, the day we happened to be down in Calgary was the same day they held their gay pride parade. So the streets were alive with people either participating in the parade or making their way out to view it. One enthusiastic gay Indian, who went by “El Dink”, was decent enough to volunteer himself to be a walking human billboard for MR-E in the pride parade. We spray glued one of our posters to his chest and he dawned that sucker the entire day. We know this because we ran into him again in the evening shortly before we left and he was still wearing the poster on his chest. You can find that footage above.

The members of MR-C are great guys. We sat with them for an extended lunch and spoke about potential projects they would like to get underway and all of them sounded like winners. Man, do we have some exciting times ahead of us. And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper visit unless we got some postering done, & poster we did. A lot. Members of MR-C and MR-E worked together for the first time to poster all along one of Calgary’s busiest streets. As we were postering, we handed out our business cards to passers by who expressed an interest in what we were doing. We were surprised at the amount of positive feedback we received. The people of Calgary welcomed us with open arms and we had a blast while we were down there.

So our thanks go out to our generous hosts in Calgary, here’s to many years of FTSU.


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